Revert "Switch cc_unittests/viz_unittests to SwANGLE"

This reverts commit 2af8610223c7e6757b2980fa62987057e2b857cb.

Reason for revert:

Build bot is failing and this CL appears to be the reason.

Original change's description:
> Switch cc_unittests/viz_unittests to SwANGLE
> This cl changes the software backend used for
> running viz_unittests and cc_unittests from
> SwiftShader GL to SwANGLE (ANGLE on SwiftShader
> Vulkan). Other tests suites may be affected.
> From this cl, performance expectations for test
> runs will likely change. For example, cc_unittests
> appears to run faster, while viz_unittests and
> views_unittests appear to run slower. Note that
> this is still using the validating command decoder,
> and once the OOP Raster tests can run on the
> passthrough command decoder, we'll be able to use
> it and gain some performance on all these test runs.
> Reason for TBR: These changes were already reviewed here
> Bug: chromium:1060139
> Change-Id: Idb0048d3a8e0dfe6855e1700ed26fb076be0c4f1
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> Commit-Queue: Alexis Hétu <>
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> Reviewed-by: Alexis Hétu <>
> Reviewed-by: Jamie Madill <>
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Bug: chromium:1060139
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