Make sure ANGLE can find the proper libraries

This cl is in the context of replacing SwiftShader's GL libraries
with SwANGLE (ANGLE with SwiftShader Vulkan as its backend). In order
to allow ANGLE to find the proper when executing tests
on the bots, we have to make sure the proper rpath is set.

The affected tests include:
app_shell_unittests, aura_unittests, cc_unittests,
compositor_unittests, gpu_unittests, interactive_ui_tests
message_center_unittests, media_unittests, snapshot_unittests
unit_tests, views_unittests, viz_unittests, wm_unittests

A CFI suppression has also been added for expected behavior of
the vulkan loader triggering a CFI error when calling functions
from the system libvulkan library.

TBR_REASON: changes identical to those already approved in

Bug: chromium:1060139
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