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$ git log 69897abe2..8fa879467 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2020-12-05 arthur.j.odwyer [libc++] [LWG2993] reference_wrapper<T> conversion from U&&
2021-02-05 z.zoelec2 [libc++] Add `noexcept` to `string::find` and similar members.
2021-02-09 koraq Revert "[libc++] Require C++20 to build the benchmarks."
2021-02-04 koraq [libc++] Require C++20 to build the benchmarks.
2021-02-06 koraq [libc++] Remove C++11 work-arounds in src.
2021-02-08 ldionne.2 [libc++] Add a wait step in the BuildKite pipeline to shield macOS builders
2021-02-05 saugustine Various minor fixes for python 3
2020-10-29 martin [libcxx] Implement temp_directory_path using GetTempPath on windows
2020-10-30 martin [libcxx] Use the posix code for directory_entry::__do_refresh
2021-02-03 arthur.j.odwyer [libc++] Further improve the contiguous-iterator story, and fix some bugs.
2021-02-05 z.zoelec2 [lic++][docs] Explain noexcept policy for narrow contracts.
2021-02-04 arthur.j.odwyer Revert "Revert "[libc++] [P0879] constexpr std::nth_element, and rewrite its tests.""
2021-02-04 rupprecht Revert "[libc++] [P0879] constexpr std::nth_element, and rewrite its tests."
2021-02-04 marek.kurdej [libc++] Add format check to CI
2021-02-03 ldionne.2 [libc++] Remove the ability to use braced-init for filesystem paths
2021-01-19 ldionne.2 [libc++] Make feature-test macros consistent with availability macros
2021-02-03 ldionne.2 [libc++] Fix libcxx build on 32bit architectures with 64bit time_t defaults e.g. riscv32
2020-12-16 koraq [libc++] Adds a make_string test helper function.
2021-02-02 ldionne.2 [libc++] Rename include/support to include/__support
2020-12-20 arthur.j.odwyer [libc++] [P0879] constexpr std::sort
2021-01-15 arthur.j.odwyer [libc++] Rationalize our treatment of contiguous iterators and __unwrap_iter().
2020-11-04 martin [libcxx] Implement the read_symlink function for windows
2020-11-04 martin [libcxx] Implement the permissions function for windows
2020-11-04 martin [libcxx] Implement the canonical function for windows
2020-11-04 martin [libcxx] Implement the current_path function for windows
2021-02-02 ldionne.2 [libc++] Add new queues for specific macOS system versions
2021-02-01 rnk Disable CFI in __get_elem to allow casting a pointer to uninitialized memory
2020-11-04 martin [libcxx] Implement the space function for windows
2021-02-01 joker.eph Revert "[libc++][format] Add basic_format_parse_context."
2020-12-05 koraq [libc++][format] Add basic_format_parse_context.
2020-12-17 koraq [libc++] Implements concept default_initializable.
2021-02-01 ruslan.arutyunyan [libc++] Fix for the Bug 41784
2021-02-01 shivam98.tkg [Branch-Rename] Fix some links
2021-01-31 koraq [libc++] Allow building with C++17.
2021-01-29 Casey [libcxx][test] Silence MSVC narrowing warning
2021-01-29 Casey [libcxx][test] Silence false positive MSVC /analyze warning
2021-01-29 Casey [libcxx][test] explicitly discard bitset::test's return
2020-11-09 martin [libcxx] Sanitize paths before creating symlinks on windows
2020-11-06 martin [libcxx] Hook up a number of operation functions to their windows counterparts
2020-11-04 martin [libcxx] Implement _FilesystemClock::now() and __last_write_time for windows
2020-11-04 martin [libcxx] Implement the stat function family on top of native windows APIs
2021-01-28 Casey [libcxx][test] move libc++-specific tests into the libcxx tree
2021-01-28 Casey [libcxx][test] MoveOnly's comparisons are non-member
2021-01-28 Casey [libcxx][test] Update directory_entry test for C++20
2020-12-17 koraq [libc++] Implements concept constructible_from
2020-11-26 koraq [libc++] Implement format_error.
2020-12-17 arthur.j.odwyer [libc++] [P0879] constexpr std::nth_element, and rewrite its tests.
2021-01-28 ldionne.2 [libc++] Fix test on Linux
2021-01-27 ldionne.2 [libc++] Fix extern template test failing on Windows
2020-12-17 arthur.j.odwyer [libc++] [P0879] constexpr heap and partial_sort algorithms
2021-01-27 simon.tatham [libcxx] Update include/__libcpp_version to match include/__config
2021-01-26 tstellar Bump the trunk major version to 13
2021-01-25 arthur.j.odwyer [libc++] Give `MoveOnly` all six comparison operators, not just == and <.
2021-01-26 ldionne.2 [libc++] Fix oss-fuzz build
2021-01-25 brad [libcxx] random_device, for OpenBSD specify optimal entropy properties
2021-01-11 arthur.j.odwyer [libc++] Support immovable return types in std::function.
2021-01-25 thakis libcxx: Try to fix build after D92044
2021-01-25 ruslan.arutyunyan [libc++] Fix build after 51faba35fd81fbd3af407a29c136895a718ccd96
2020-12-17 arthur.j.odwyer [libc++] [P0879] constexpr std::reverse, partition, *_permutation.
2020-12-26 arthur.j.odwyer [libc++] Implement [P0769] "Add shift to algorithm" (shift_left, shift_right)
2021-01-22 koraq [libc++][doc] Update the release notes.
2021-01-25 ruslan.arutyunyan [libc++] Implement P0655R1 visit<R>: Explicit Return Type for visit
2021-01-25 marek.kurdej [libc++] Set CMAKE_FOLDER. NFC.
2021-01-23 zibi [SystemZ][ZOS] Provide PATH_MAX macro for libcxx
2021-01-23 koraq [libc++] Remove invalid C++20 code from a test.
2020-11-24 koraq [libc++] Implements concept destructible
2021-01-18 schuett [libc++] Introduce __bits

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