Revert "heap: Fix plugin bug for cppgc builds"

This reverts commit 67d165e9093678046a8b24e6b7c63cf3dcb4e8a4. The
reason: GarbageCollectedBase was removed in cppgc to make sure that
empty-base-optimization happens for GarbageCollected.

Original description:
> heap: Fix plugin bug for cppgc builds
> cppgc::GarbageCollected and cppgc::GarbageCollectedMixin inherit from
> cppgc::GarbageCollectedBase. The base class doesn't exist in blink. as a
> result, when checking the left most parent of GCed classes we find
> cppgc::GarbageCollectedBase and erroneously report errors.
> Since we should still distinguish cppgc::GarbageCollected from
> cppgc::GarbageCollectedMixin, the solution is to ignore the
> cppgc::GarbageCollectedBase and return the its subclass as the left most
> parent of the class.
> Bug: chromium:1056170
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> Reviewed-by: Michael Lippautz <>
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Bug: 1260797
Change-Id: Iad896bd8cc02002e29625d426e9093904fc9af95
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Reviewed-by: Michael Lippautz <>
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