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// Copyright 2012 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "overridden_methods.h"
// Fill in the implementations
void DerivedClass::SomeMethod() {}
void DerivedClass::SomeOtherMethod() {}
void DerivedClass::WebKitModifiedSomething() {}
DerivedClassWithDefaultedDtor::DerivedClassWithDefaultedDtor() {}
class ImplementationInterimClass : public BaseClass {
// Should warn about pure virtual methods.
virtual void SomeMethod() = 0;
class ImplementationDerivedClass : public ImplementationInterimClass,
public webkit_glue::WebKitObserverImpl {
// Should warn about destructors.
virtual ~ImplementationDerivedClass() {}
// Should warn.
virtual void SomeMethod();
// Should not warn if marked as override.
void SomeOtherMethod() override;
// Should warn for inline implementations in implementation files.
virtual void SomeInlineMethod() {}
// Should warn if overriding a method whose origin is blink.
virtual void WebKitModifiedSomething();
// Should warn with the insertion point after the const.
virtual void SomeConstMethod() const {}
// Should warn with the insertion point after the throw spec.
virtual void SomeMethodWithExceptionSpec() throw() {}
// Should warn with the insertion point after both the const and the throw
// specifiers.
virtual void SomeConstMethodWithExceptionSpec() const throw(int) {}
// Should warn even if overridden method isn't pure.
virtual void SomeNonPureBaseMethod() {}
// Should warn and place correctly even when there is a comment.
virtual void SomeMethodWithComment(); // This is a comment.
// Should warn and place correctly even if there is a comment and body.
virtual void SomeMethodWithCommentAndBody() {} // This is a comment.
int main() {
DerivedClass something;
ImplementationDerivedClass something_else;
DerivedClassWithDefaultedDtor defaulted_dtor;