Add Windows support to

With these fixes, successfully generated coverage reports on
Windows for various browser_tests and interactive_ui_tests. I also tried
for unit_tests, but couldn't generate a coverage-enabled build--the
linker fails with OOM errors. The build machine has 64GB RAM, which
seems like it should be plenty. So it seems there is more work to be
done to fully enable coverage builds on Windows, perhaps already tracked
by Building browser_tests also OOM'ed, but
finally succeeded after I set is_component_build to true.

gn gen D:\cr\src\out\coverage --root=D:\cr\src "--args=is_debug = false
is_component_build = true enable_nacl = false use_clang_coverage = true
 dcheck_always_on = true" --ide=vs

Example usage:
python tools/code_coverage/ browser_tests -b
D:/cr/src/out/coverage -o D:/cr/src/out/report  -c
"D:/cr/src/out/coverage/browser_tests.exe --gtest_filter=
SyncFileSystemTest.AuthorizationTest" -f

Bug: 809150
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