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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/atomicops.h"
#include "base/bind.h"
#include "base/command_line.h"
#include "base/strings/string_number_conversions.h"
#include "base/strings/stringprintf.h"
#include "base/timer/elapsed_timer.h"
#include "tools/gn/build_settings.h"
#include "tools/gn/commands.h"
#include "tools/gn/eclipse_writer.h"
#include "tools/gn/ninja_target_writer.h"
#include "tools/gn/ninja_writer.h"
#include "tools/gn/qt_creator_writer.h"
#include "tools/gn/runtime_deps.h"
#include "tools/gn/scheduler.h"
#include "tools/gn/setup.h"
#include "tools/gn/standard_out.h"
#include "tools/gn/switches.h"
#include "tools/gn/target.h"
#include "tools/gn/visual_studio_writer.h"
#include "tools/gn/xcode_writer.h"
namespace commands {
namespace {
const char kSwitchCheck[] = "check";
const char kSwitchFilters[] = "filters";
const char kSwitchIde[] = "ide";
const char kSwitchIdeValueEclipse[] = "eclipse";
const char kSwitchIdeValueQtCreator[] = "qtcreator";
const char kSwitchIdeValueVs[] = "vs";
const char kSwitchIdeValueVs2013[] = "vs2013";
const char kSwitchIdeValueVs2015[] = "vs2015";
const char kSwitchIdeValueXcode[] = "xcode";
const char kSwitchNinjaExtraArgs[] = "ninja-extra-args";
const char kSwitchRootTarget[] = "root-target";
const char kSwitchSln[] = "sln";
const char kSwitchWorkspace[] = "workspace";
// Called on worker thread to write the ninja file.
void BackgroundDoWrite(const Target* target) {
// Called on the main thread.
void ItemResolvedCallback(base::subtle::Atomic32* write_counter,
scoped_refptr<Builder> builder,
const BuilderRecord* record) {
base::subtle::NoBarrier_AtomicIncrement(write_counter, 1);
const Item* item = record->item();
const Target* target = item->AsTarget();
if (target) {
g_scheduler->ScheduleWork(base::Bind(&BackgroundDoWrite, target));
// Returns a pointer to the target with the given file as an output, or null
// if no targets generate the file. This is brute force since this is an
// error condition and performance shouldn't matter.
const Target* FindTargetThatGeneratesFile(const Builder* builder,
const SourceFile& file) {
std::vector<const Target*> targets = builder->GetAllResolvedTargets();
if (targets.empty())
return nullptr;
OutputFile output_file(targets[0]->settings()->build_settings(), file);
for (const Target* target : targets) {
for (const auto& cur_output : target->computed_outputs()) {
if (cur_output == output_file)
return target;
return nullptr;
// Prints an error that the given file was present as a source or input in
// the given target(s) but was not generated by any of its dependencies.
void PrintInvalidGeneratedInput(const Builder* builder,
const SourceFile& file,
const std::vector<const Target*>& targets) {
std::string err;
// Only show the toolchain labels (which can be confusing) if something
// isn't the default.
bool show_toolchains = false;
const Label& default_toolchain =
for (const Target* target : targets) {
if (target->settings()->toolchain_label() != default_toolchain) {
show_toolchains = true;
const Target* generator = FindTargetThatGeneratesFile(builder, file);
if (generator &&
generator->settings()->toolchain_label() != default_toolchain)
show_toolchains = true;
const std::string target_str = targets.size() > 1 ? "targets" : "target";
err += "The file:\n";
err += " " + file.value() + "\n";
err += "is listed as an input or source for the " + target_str + ":\n";
for (const Target* target : targets)
err += " " + target->label().GetUserVisibleName(show_toolchains) + "\n";
if (generator) {
err += "but this file was not generated by any dependencies of the " +
target_str + ". The target\nthat generates the file is:\n ";
err += generator->label().GetUserVisibleName(show_toolchains);
} else {
err += "but no targets in the build generate that file.";
Err(Location(), "Input to " + target_str + " not generated by a dependency.",
bool CheckForInvalidGeneratedInputs(Setup* setup) {
std::multimap<SourceFile, const Target*> unknown_inputs =
if (unknown_inputs.empty())
return true; // No bad files.
int errors_found = 0;
auto cur = unknown_inputs.begin();
while (cur != unknown_inputs.end()) {
auto end_of_range = unknown_inputs.upper_bound(cur->first);
// Package the values more conveniently for printing.
SourceFile bad_input = cur->first;
std::vector<const Target*> targets;
while (cur != end_of_range)
PrintInvalidGeneratedInput(setup->builder(), bad_input, targets);
"If you have generated inputs, there needs to be a dependency path "
"between the\ntwo targets in addition to just listing the files. For "
"indirect dependencies,\nthe intermediate ones must be public_deps. "
"data_deps don't count since they're\nonly runtime dependencies. If "
"you think a dependency chain exists, it might be\nbecause the chain "
"is private. Try \"gn path\" to analyze.\n");
if (errors_found > 1) {
OutputString(base::StringPrintf("\n%d generated input errors found.\n",
errors_found), DECORATION_YELLOW);
return false;
bool RunIdeWriter(const std::string& ide,
const BuildSettings* build_settings,
Builder* builder,
Err* err) {
const base::CommandLine* command_line =
base::ElapsedTimer timer;
if (ide == kSwitchIdeValueEclipse) {
bool res = EclipseWriter::RunAndWriteFile(build_settings, builder, err);
if (res && !command_line->HasSwitch(switches::kQuiet)) {
OutputString("Generating Eclipse settings took " +
base::Int64ToString(timer.Elapsed().InMilliseconds()) +
return res;
} else if (ide == kSwitchIdeValueVs || ide == kSwitchIdeValueVs2013 ||
ide == kSwitchIdeValueVs2015) {
VisualStudioWriter::Version version =
ide == kSwitchIdeValueVs2013 ? VisualStudioWriter::Version::Vs2013
: VisualStudioWriter::Version::Vs2015;
std::string sln_name;
if (command_line->HasSwitch(kSwitchSln))
sln_name = command_line->GetSwitchValueASCII(kSwitchSln);
std::string filters;
if (command_line->HasSwitch(kSwitchFilters))
filters = command_line->GetSwitchValueASCII(kSwitchFilters);
bool res = VisualStudioWriter::RunAndWriteFiles(
build_settings, builder, version, sln_name, filters, err);
if (res && !command_line->HasSwitch(switches::kQuiet)) {
OutputString("Generating Visual Studio projects took " +
base::Int64ToString(timer.Elapsed().InMilliseconds()) +
return res;
} else if (ide == kSwitchIdeValueXcode) {
bool res = XcodeWriter::RunAndWriteFiles(
command_line->GetSwitchValueASCII(kSwitchFilters), build_settings,
builder, err);
if (res && !command_line->HasSwitch(switches::kQuiet)) {
OutputString("Generating Xcode projects took " +
base::Int64ToString(timer.Elapsed().InMilliseconds()) +
return res;
} else if (ide == kSwitchIdeValueQtCreator) {
std::string root_target;
if (command_line->HasSwitch(kSwitchRootTarget))
root_target = command_line->GetSwitchValueASCII(kSwitchRootTarget);
bool res = QtCreatorWriter::RunAndWriteFile(build_settings, builder, err,
if (res && !command_line->HasSwitch(switches::kQuiet)) {
OutputString("Generating QtCreator projects took " +
base::Int64ToString(timer.Elapsed().InMilliseconds()) +
return res;
*err = Err(Location(), "Unknown IDE: " + ide);
return false;
} // namespace
const char kGen[] = "gen";
const char kGen_HelpShort[] =
"gen: Generate ninja files.";
const char kGen_Help[] =
"gn gen: Generate ninja files.\n"
" gn gen [<ide options>] <out_dir>\n"
" Generates ninja files from the current tree and puts them in the given\n"
" output directory.\n"
" The output directory can be a source-repo-absolute path name such as:\n"
" //out/foo\n"
" Or it can be a directory relative to the current directory such as:\n"
" out/foo\n"
" See \"gn help switches\" for the common command-line switches.\n"
"IDE options\n"
" GN optionally generates files for IDE. Possibilities for <ide options>\n"
" --ide=<ide_name>\n"
" Generate files for an IDE. Currently supported values:\n"
" \"eclipse\" - Eclipse CDT settings file.\n"
" \"vs\" - Visual Studio project/solution files.\n"
" (default Visual Studio version: 2015)\n"
" \"vs2013\" - Visual Studio 2013 project/solution files.\n"
" \"vs2015\" - Visual Studio 2015 project/solution files.\n"
" \"xcode\" - Xcode workspace/solution files.\n"
" \"qtcreator\" - QtCreator project files.\n"
" --filters=<path_prefixes>\n"
" Semicolon-separated list of label patterns used to limit the set\n"
" of generated projects (see \"gn help label_pattern\"). Only\n"
" matching targets will be included to the solution. Only used for\n"
" Visual Studio and Xcode.\n"
"Visual Studio Flags\n"
" --sln=<file_name>\n"
" Override default sln file name (\"all\"). Solution file is written\n"
" to the root build directory.\n"
"Xcode Flags\n"
" --workspace=<file_name>\n"
" Override defaut workspace file name (\"all\"). The workspace file\n"
" is written to the root build directory.\n"
" --ninja-extra-args=<string>\n"
" This string is passed without any quoting to the ninja invocation\n"
" command-line. Can be used to configure ninja flags, like \"-j\" if\n"
" using goma for example.\n"
" --root-target=<target_name>\n"
" Name of the target corresponding to \"All\" target in Xcode.\n"
" If unset, \"All\" invokes ninja without any target\n"
" and builds everything.\n"
"QtCreator Flags\n"
" --root-target=<target_name>\n"
" Name of the root target for which the QtCreator project will be\n"
" generated to contain files of it and its dependencies. If unset, \n"
" the whole build graph will be emitted.\n"
"Eclipse IDE Support\n"
" GN DOES NOT generate Eclipse CDT projects. Instead, it generates a\n"
" settings file which can be imported into an Eclipse CDT project. The\n"
" XML file contains a list of include paths and defines. Because GN does\n"
" not generate a full .cproject definition, it is not possible to\n"
" properly define includes/defines for each file individually.\n"
" Instead, one set of includes/defines is generated for the entire\n"
" project. This works fairly well but may still result in a few indexer\n"
" issues here and there.\n";
int RunGen(const std::vector<std::string>& args) {
base::ElapsedTimer timer;
if (args.size() != 1) {
Err(Location(), "Need exactly one build directory to generate.",
"I expected something more like \"gn gen out/foo\"\n"
"You can also see \"gn help gen\".").PrintToStdout();
return 1;
// Deliberately leaked to avoid expensive process teardown.
Setup* setup = new Setup();
if (!setup->DoSetup(args[0], true))
return 1;
const base::CommandLine* command_line =
if (command_line->HasSwitch(kSwitchCheck))
// Cause the load to also generate the ninja files for each target. We wrap
// the writing to maintain a counter.
base::subtle::Atomic32 write_counter = 0;
base::Bind(&ItemResolvedCallback, &write_counter,
// Do the actual load. This will also write out the target ninja files.
if (!setup->Run())
return 1;
Err err;
// Write the root ninja files.
if (!NinjaWriter::RunAndWriteFiles(&setup->build_settings(),
&err)) {
return 1;
if (!WriteRuntimeDepsFilesIfNecessary(*setup->builder(), &err)) {
return 1;
if (!CheckForInvalidGeneratedInputs(setup))
return 1;
if (command_line->HasSwitch(kSwitchIde) &&
&setup->build_settings(), setup->builder(), &err)) {
return 1;
base::TimeDelta elapsed_time = timer.Elapsed();
if (!command_line->HasSwitch(switches::kQuiet)) {
OutputString("Done. ", DECORATION_GREEN);
std::string stats = "Wrote " +
base::IntToString(static_cast<int>(write_counter)) +
" targets from " +
setup->scheduler().input_file_manager()->GetInputFileCount()) +
" files in " +
base::Int64ToString(elapsed_time.InMilliseconds()) + "ms\n";
return 0;
} // namespace commands