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# Copyright 2012 The Chromium Authors
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
'''Stuff to prevent conflicting shortcuts.
from grit import lazy_re
class ShortcutGroup:
'''Manages a list of cliques that belong together in a single shortcut
group. Knows how to detect conflicting shortcut keys.
# Matches shortcut keys, e.g. &J
SHORTCUT_RE = lazy_re.compile('([^&]|^)(&[A-Za-z])')
def __init__(self, name): = name
# Map of language codes to shortcut keys used (which is a map of
# shortcut keys to counts).
self.keys_by_lang = {}
# List of cliques in this group
self.cliques = []
def AddClique(self, c):
for existing_clique in self.cliques:
if existing_clique.GetId() == c.GetId():
# This happens e.g. when we have e.g.
# <if expr1><structure 1></if> <if expr2><structure 2></if>
# where only one will really be included in the output.
for (lang, msg) in c.clique.items():
if lang not in self.keys_by_lang:
self.keys_by_lang[lang] = {}
keymap = self.keys_by_lang[lang]
content = msg.GetRealContent()
keys = [groups[1] for groups in self.SHORTCUT_RE.findall(content)]
for key in keys:
key = key.upper()
if key in keymap:
keymap[key] += 1
keymap[key] = 1
def GenerateWarnings(self, tc_project):
# For any language that has more than one occurrence of any shortcut,
# make a list of the conflicting shortcuts.
problem_langs = {}
for (lang, keys) in self.keys_by_lang.items():
for (key, count) in keys.items():
if count > 1:
if lang not in problem_langs:
problem_langs[lang] = []
warnings = []
if len(problem_langs):
warnings.append("WARNING - duplicate keys exist in shortcut group %s" %
for (lang,keys) in problem_langs.items():
warnings.append(" %6s duplicates: %s" % (lang, ', '.join(keys)))
return warnings
def GenerateDuplicateShortcutsWarnings(uberclique, tc_project):
'''Given an UberClique and a project name, will print out helpful warnings
if there are conflicting shortcuts within shortcut groups in the provided
uberclique: clique.UberClique()
tc_project: 'MyProjectNameInTheTranslationConsole'
['warning line 1', 'warning line 2', ...]
warnings = []
groups = {}
for c in uberclique.AllCliques():
for group in c.shortcut_groups:
if group not in groups:
groups[group] = ShortcutGroup(group)
for group in groups.values():
warnings += group.GenerateWarnings(tc_project)
return warnings