Add comment discouraging using SchemeHostPort::GetURL

This method shouldn't be used to get a URL just to look at its scheme / host / port.

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diff --git a/scheme_host_port.h b/scheme_host_port.h
index e588858..fbe2962 100644
--- a/scheme_host_port.h
+++ b/scheme_host_port.h
@@ -133,7 +133,10 @@
   std::string Serialize() const;
   // Efficiently returns what GURL(Serialize()) would return, without needing to
-  // re-parse the URL.
+  // re-parse the URL. Note: this still performs allocations to copy data into
+  // GURL, so please avoid using this method if you only need to work on
+  // schemes, hosts, or ports individually.
+  // For example, see
   GURL GetURL() const;
   // Two SchemeHostPort objects are "equal" iff their schemes, hosts, and ports