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* This file is part of FFmpeg.
* FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef FFMPEG_H
#define FFMPEG_H
#include "config.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include "cmdutils.h"
#include "libavformat/avformat.h"
#include "libavformat/avio.h"
#include "libavcodec/avcodec.h"
#include "libavfilter/avfilter.h"
#include "libavutil/avutil.h"
#include "libavutil/dict.h"
#include "libavutil/eval.h"
#include "libavutil/fifo.h"
#include "libavutil/pixfmt.h"
#include "libavutil/rational.h"
#include "libavutil/threadmessage.h"
#include "libswresample/swresample.h"
#define VSYNC_AUTO -1
#define VSYNC_CFR 1
#define VSYNC_VFR 2
#define VSYNC_VSCFR 0xfe
#define VSYNC_DROP 0xff
#define MAX_STREAMS 1024 /* arbitrary sanity check value */
enum HWAccelID {
typedef struct HWAccel {
const char *name;
int (*init)(AVCodecContext *s);
enum HWAccelID id;
enum AVPixelFormat pix_fmt;
} HWAccel;
/* select an input stream for an output stream */
typedef struct StreamMap {
int disabled; /* 1 is this mapping is disabled by a negative map */
int file_index;
int stream_index;
int sync_file_index;
int sync_stream_index;
char *linklabel; /* name of an output link, for mapping lavfi outputs */
} StreamMap;
typedef struct {
int file_idx, stream_idx, channel_idx; // input
int ofile_idx, ostream_idx; // output
} AudioChannelMap;
typedef struct OptionsContext {
OptionGroup *g;
/* input/output options */
int64_t start_time;
const char *format;
SpecifierOpt *codec_names;
int nb_codec_names;
SpecifierOpt *audio_channels;
int nb_audio_channels;
SpecifierOpt *audio_sample_rate;
int nb_audio_sample_rate;
SpecifierOpt *frame_rates;
int nb_frame_rates;
SpecifierOpt *frame_sizes;
int nb_frame_sizes;
SpecifierOpt *frame_pix_fmts;
int nb_frame_pix_fmts;
/* input options */
int64_t input_ts_offset;
int rate_emu;
int accurate_seek;
SpecifierOpt *ts_scale;
int nb_ts_scale;
SpecifierOpt *dump_attachment;
int nb_dump_attachment;
SpecifierOpt *hwaccels;
int nb_hwaccels;
SpecifierOpt *hwaccel_devices;
int nb_hwaccel_devices;
/* output options */
StreamMap *stream_maps;
int nb_stream_maps;
AudioChannelMap *audio_channel_maps; /* one info entry per -map_channel */
int nb_audio_channel_maps; /* number of (valid) -map_channel settings */
int metadata_global_manual;
int metadata_streams_manual;
int metadata_chapters_manual;
const char **attachments;
int nb_attachments;
int chapters_input_file;
int64_t recording_time;
int64_t stop_time;
uint64_t limit_filesize;
float mux_preload;
float mux_max_delay;
int shortest;
int video_disable;
int audio_disable;
int subtitle_disable;
int data_disable;
/* indexed by output file stream index */
int *streamid_map;
int nb_streamid_map;
SpecifierOpt *metadata;
int nb_metadata;
SpecifierOpt *max_frames;
int nb_max_frames;
SpecifierOpt *bitstream_filters;
int nb_bitstream_filters;
SpecifierOpt *codec_tags;
int nb_codec_tags;
SpecifierOpt *sample_fmts;
int nb_sample_fmts;
SpecifierOpt *qscale;
int nb_qscale;
SpecifierOpt *forced_key_frames;
int nb_forced_key_frames;
SpecifierOpt *force_fps;
int nb_force_fps;
SpecifierOpt *frame_aspect_ratios;
int nb_frame_aspect_ratios;
SpecifierOpt *rc_overrides;
int nb_rc_overrides;
SpecifierOpt *intra_matrices;
int nb_intra_matrices;
SpecifierOpt *inter_matrices;
int nb_inter_matrices;
SpecifierOpt *chroma_intra_matrices;
int nb_chroma_intra_matrices;
SpecifierOpt *top_field_first;
int nb_top_field_first;
SpecifierOpt *metadata_map;
int nb_metadata_map;
SpecifierOpt *presets;
int nb_presets;
SpecifierOpt *copy_initial_nonkeyframes;
int nb_copy_initial_nonkeyframes;
SpecifierOpt *copy_prior_start;
int nb_copy_prior_start;
SpecifierOpt *filters;
int nb_filters;
SpecifierOpt *filter_scripts;
int nb_filter_scripts;
SpecifierOpt *reinit_filters;
int nb_reinit_filters;
SpecifierOpt *fix_sub_duration;
int nb_fix_sub_duration;
SpecifierOpt *canvas_sizes;
int nb_canvas_sizes;
SpecifierOpt *pass;
int nb_pass;
SpecifierOpt *passlogfiles;
int nb_passlogfiles;
SpecifierOpt *guess_layout_max;
int nb_guess_layout_max;
SpecifierOpt *apad;
int nb_apad;
SpecifierOpt *discard;
int nb_discard;
} OptionsContext;
typedef struct InputFilter {
AVFilterContext *filter;
struct InputStream *ist;
struct FilterGraph *graph;
uint8_t *name;
} InputFilter;
typedef struct OutputFilter {
AVFilterContext *filter;
struct OutputStream *ost;
struct FilterGraph *graph;
uint8_t *name;
/* temporary storage until stream maps are processed */
AVFilterInOut *out_tmp;
} OutputFilter;
typedef struct FilterGraph {
int index;
const char *graph_desc;
AVFilterGraph *graph;
int reconfiguration;
InputFilter **inputs;
int nb_inputs;
OutputFilter **outputs;
int nb_outputs;
} FilterGraph;
typedef struct InputStream {
int file_index;
AVStream *st;
int discard; /* true if stream data should be discarded */
int user_set_discard;
int decoding_needed; /* non zero if the packets must be decoded in 'raw_fifo', see DECODING_FOR_* */
AVCodecContext *dec_ctx;
AVCodec *dec;
AVFrame *decoded_frame;
AVFrame *filter_frame; /* a ref of decoded_frame, to be sent to filters */
int64_t start; /* time when read started */
/* predicted dts of the next packet read for this stream or (when there are
* several frames in a packet) of the next frame in current packet (in AV_TIME_BASE units) */
int64_t next_dts;
int64_t dts; ///< dts of the last packet read for this stream (in AV_TIME_BASE units)
int64_t next_pts; ///< synthetic pts for the next decode frame (in AV_TIME_BASE units)
int64_t pts; ///< current pts of the decoded frame (in AV_TIME_BASE units)
int wrap_correction_done;
int64_t filter_in_rescale_delta_last;
double ts_scale;
int saw_first_ts;
int showed_multi_packet_warning;
AVDictionary *decoder_opts;
AVRational framerate; /* framerate forced with -r */
int top_field_first;
int guess_layout_max;
int resample_height;
int resample_width;
int resample_pix_fmt;
int resample_sample_fmt;
int resample_sample_rate;
int resample_channels;
uint64_t resample_channel_layout;
int fix_sub_duration;
struct { /* previous decoded subtitle and related variables */
int got_output;
int ret;
AVSubtitle subtitle;
} prev_sub;
struct sub2video {
int64_t last_pts;
int64_t end_pts;
AVFrame *frame;
int w, h;
} sub2video;
int dr1;
/* decoded data from this stream goes into all those filters
* currently video and audio only */
InputFilter **filters;
int nb_filters;
int reinit_filters;
/* hwaccel options */
enum HWAccelID hwaccel_id;
char *hwaccel_device;
/* hwaccel context */
enum HWAccelID active_hwaccel_id;
void *hwaccel_ctx;
void (*hwaccel_uninit)(AVCodecContext *s);
int (*hwaccel_get_buffer)(AVCodecContext *s, AVFrame *frame, int flags);
int (*hwaccel_retrieve_data)(AVCodecContext *s, AVFrame *frame);
enum AVPixelFormat hwaccel_pix_fmt;
enum AVPixelFormat hwaccel_retrieved_pix_fmt;
/* stats */
// combined size of all the packets read
uint64_t data_size;
/* number of packets successfully read for this stream */
uint64_t nb_packets;
// number of frames/samples retrieved from the decoder
uint64_t frames_decoded;
uint64_t samples_decoded;
} InputStream;
typedef struct InputFile {
AVFormatContext *ctx;
int eof_reached; /* true if eof reached */
int eagain; /* true if last read attempt returned EAGAIN */
int ist_index; /* index of first stream in input_streams */
int64_t input_ts_offset;
int64_t ts_offset;
int64_t last_ts;
int64_t start_time; /* user-specified start time in AV_TIME_BASE or AV_NOPTS_VALUE */
int64_t recording_time;
int nb_streams; /* number of stream that ffmpeg is aware of; may be different
from ctx.nb_streams if new streams appear during av_read_frame() */
int nb_streams_warn; /* number of streams that the user was warned of */
int rate_emu;
int accurate_seek;
AVThreadMessageQueue *in_thread_queue;
pthread_t thread; /* thread reading from this file */
int non_blocking; /* reading packets from the thread should not block */
int joined; /* the thread has been joined */
} InputFile;
enum forced_keyframes_const {
extern const char *const forced_keyframes_const_names[];
typedef enum {
} OSTFinished ;
typedef struct OutputStream {
int file_index; /* file index */
int index; /* stream index in the output file */
int source_index; /* InputStream index */
AVStream *st; /* stream in the output file */
int encoding_needed; /* true if encoding needed for this stream */
int frame_number;
/* input pts and corresponding output pts
for A/V sync */
struct InputStream *sync_ist; /* input stream to sync against */
int64_t sync_opts; /* output frame counter, could be changed to some true timestamp */ // FIXME look at frame_number
/* pts of the first frame encoded for this stream, used for limiting
* recording time */
int64_t first_pts;
/* dts of the last packet sent to the muxer */
int64_t last_mux_dts;
AVBitStreamFilterContext *bitstream_filters;
AVCodecContext *enc_ctx;
AVCodec *enc;
int64_t max_frames;
AVFrame *filtered_frame;
/* video only */
AVRational frame_rate;
int force_fps;
int top_field_first;
AVRational frame_aspect_ratio;
/* forced key frames */
int64_t *forced_kf_pts;
int forced_kf_count;
int forced_kf_index;
char *forced_keyframes;
AVExpr *forced_keyframes_pexpr;
double forced_keyframes_expr_const_values[FKF_NB];
/* audio only */
int *audio_channels_map; /* list of the channels id to pick from the source stream */
int audio_channels_mapped; /* number of channels in audio_channels_map */
char *logfile_prefix;
FILE *logfile;
OutputFilter *filter;
char *avfilter;
char *filters; ///< filtergraph associated to the -filter option
char *filters_script; ///< filtergraph script associated to the -filter_script option
int64_t sws_flags;
AVDictionary *encoder_opts;
AVDictionary *swr_opts;
AVDictionary *resample_opts;
char *apad;
OSTFinished finished; /* no more packets should be written for this stream */
int unavailable; /* true if the steram is unavailable (possibly temporarily) */
int stream_copy;
const char *attachment_filename;
int copy_initial_nonkeyframes;
int copy_prior_start;
int keep_pix_fmt;
AVCodecParserContext *parser;
/* stats */
// combined size of all the packets written
uint64_t data_size;
// number of packets send to the muxer
uint64_t packets_written;
// number of frames/samples sent to the encoder
uint64_t frames_encoded;
uint64_t samples_encoded;
} OutputStream;
typedef struct OutputFile {
AVFormatContext *ctx;
AVDictionary *opts;
int ost_index; /* index of the first stream in output_streams */
int64_t recording_time; ///< desired length of the resulting file in microseconds == AV_TIME_BASE units
int64_t start_time; ///< start time in microseconds == AV_TIME_BASE units
uint64_t limit_filesize; /* filesize limit expressed in bytes */
int shortest;
} OutputFile;
extern InputStream **input_streams;
extern int nb_input_streams;
extern InputFile **input_files;
extern int nb_input_files;
extern OutputStream **output_streams;
extern int nb_output_streams;
extern OutputFile **output_files;
extern int nb_output_files;
extern FilterGraph **filtergraphs;
extern int nb_filtergraphs;
extern char *vstats_filename;
extern float audio_drift_threshold;
extern float dts_delta_threshold;
extern float dts_error_threshold;
extern int audio_volume;
extern int audio_sync_method;
extern int video_sync_method;
extern int do_benchmark;
extern int do_benchmark_all;
extern int do_deinterlace;
extern int do_hex_dump;
extern int do_pkt_dump;
extern int copy_ts;
extern int copy_tb;
extern int debug_ts;
extern int exit_on_error;
extern int print_stats;
extern int qp_hist;
extern int stdin_interaction;
extern int frame_bits_per_raw_sample;
extern AVIOContext *progress_avio;
extern float max_error_rate;
extern const AVIOInterruptCB int_cb;
extern const OptionDef options[];
extern const HWAccel hwaccels[];
void term_init(void);
void term_exit(void);
void reset_options(OptionsContext *o, int is_input);
void show_usage(void);
void opt_output_file(void *optctx, const char *filename);
void remove_avoptions(AVDictionary **a, AVDictionary *b);
void assert_avoptions(AVDictionary *m);
int guess_input_channel_layout(InputStream *ist);
enum AVPixelFormat choose_pixel_fmt(AVStream *st, AVCodecContext *avctx, AVCodec *codec, enum AVPixelFormat target);
void choose_sample_fmt(AVStream *st, AVCodec *codec);
int configure_filtergraph(FilterGraph *fg);
int configure_output_filter(FilterGraph *fg, OutputFilter *ofilter, AVFilterInOut *out);
int ist_in_filtergraph(FilterGraph *fg, InputStream *ist);
FilterGraph *init_simple_filtergraph(InputStream *ist, OutputStream *ost);
int ffmpeg_parse_options(int argc, char **argv);
int vdpau_init(AVCodecContext *s);
int dxva2_init(AVCodecContext *s);
int vda_init(AVCodecContext *s);
#endif /* FFMPEG_H */