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Current Status as of May 16, 2014
Upstream cherry-picks:
Current patches:
dalecurtis: Removes "#define UNCHECKED_BITSTREAM_READER 1" from all codecs
defining it. In Chromium, all codecs should use the safe bitstream reader.
dalecurtis: Add CONFIG_* checks to compile out code which we don't use which
might be a security risk. Discuss with cevans before removing. Upstream does
not want this patch.
wolenetz: In M27 merge, added call to matroska_read_close(s) in to this patch
in matroska_read_header() to mitigate memory leak caught by valgrind.
Confirmed with rbultje that this conforms to API (on error in
matroska_read_header(), resulting state should be same as prior to call; and
no double-free is expected to result from this either.)
wolenetz: Insert a deprecated placeholder into AVCodecID enum such that
the resulting IDs are either new IDs since M27 or have same enumeration as
M27. This is specific to the M29 roll.
See also
dalecurtis: pthreads emulation incorrectly assumed Vista+. Additionally due
to use of static variables in header file, duplicate initialization is needed.
reported upstream which is working on a proper fix.