Update icudt46l.dat and related files.

We're about to enable using icudt46l.dat instead of static-linking it on
Linux, Android and Chrome OS.

While testing that CL, it's found that source/data/in/icudt46l.dat was not
updated last time when {linux,mac,android}/icudt*S and windows/icudt.dll
were updated.

The following two items are also updated:

1) The timezone data (latest version : 2013h)
2) Added trnslit/{tr,el,az}_{Upper,Lower,Title}.txt and
translit/css3transform.txt so that we can support CSS3 locale-dependent

With the above changes, all the ICU data files (*.S, *dll, *dat) on
all platforms are regenerated.

The section on the ICU data file generation in README.chromium was made
clearer as to where to find / how to generate *S and *dat files if one
wishes to customize ICU data differently than Chromium does.

TEST=Once ICU is rolled in, 1) build goes fine 2) Israeli DST transition is up to date (see bug 292214 comment 9 as to how to test).

Review URL: https://codereview.chromium.org/102283003

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