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  1. c21ff92 Revert "Make Ubuntu-14.04 the default version of Linux used when triggering Swarming tasks" by smut · 69 minutes ago master
  2. 5c5441e Reactor monitoring: Add oldest deferred metrics by Ryan Tseng · 3 hours ago
  3. d6bba0d LogDog-only mode for tryserver.chromium.linux by Dan Jacques · 4 hours ago
  4. 0098fcb Update the chromium.perf(.tryserver)? config to use new Nexus 5X slaves by Charlie Andrews · 4 hours ago
  5. 7f7ba44 Add iOS recipe docs by smut · 4 hours ago


Hi build contributor! If you do any change in scripts/master/ or touching any master's html/ directories, you must restart first and ensure that it still works before restarting other masters.


If you're here to make a change to ‘recipes’ (the code located in scripts/slave/recipes*), please take a look at the README for more information pertaining to recipes.