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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# See master.experimental/slaves.cfg for documentation.
slaves = []
def _AddSlave(name, os, version, hostname, bits):
'bits': str(bits),
'builder': name,
'hostname': hostname,
'master': 'ChromiumPerf',
'os': os,
'version': version,
def _AddBuildSlaves(name, os, version, hostnames):
for hostname in hostnames:
_AddSlave(name, os, version, hostname, 64)
def _AddTestSlaves(name, os, version, hostnames, bits=64):
if len(hostnames) == 1:
_AddSlave(name, os, version, hostnames[0], bits)
for index, hostname in enumerate(hostnames):
indexed_name = '%s (%d)' % (name, index + 1)
_AddSlave(indexed_name, os, version, hostname, bits)
'Android Builder', 'linux', 'trusty',
['slave%d-c1' % x for x in [53, 54, 78, 79, 80, 81]])
'Android arm64 Builder', 'linux', 'trusty',
['slave%d-c1' % x for x in [7, 55, 56, 82, 83, 84]])
'Win Builder', 'win', 'win7',
['build%d-m1' % x for x in
[7, 13, 14, 20, 24, 34, 58, 59, 63, 65, 66,
71, 72, 74, 84, 87, 111, 112, 113, 114, 118, 121]])
'Win x64 Builder', 'win', 'win7',
['build%d-m1' % x for x in [131, 137, 170, 171] + range(190, 208)])
'Mac Builder', 'mac', '10.9',
['vm%d-m1' % x for x in range(108, 113) + [691, 692]])
'Linux Builder', 'linux', 'trusty',
['slave%d-c1' % x for x in range(85, 108)])
'Android Galaxy S5 Perf', 'linux', 'trusty',
['build21-b1', 'build22-b1', 'build23-b1'])
'Android Nexus5 Perf', 'linux', 'trusty',
['build13-b1', 'build14-b1', 'build48-b1'])
'Android Nexus5X Perf', 'linux', 'trusty',
['build55-b1', 'build56-b1', 'build57-b1'])
'Android Nexus6 Perf', 'linux', 'trusty',
['build15-b1', 'build16-b1', 'build45-b1'])
'Android Nexus7v2 Perf', 'linux', 'trusty',
['build9-b1', 'build10-b1', 'build49-b1'])
'Android Nexus9 Perf', 'linux', 'trusty',
['build11-b1', 'build12-b1', 'build46-b1'])
'Android One Perf', 'linux', 'trusty',
['build17-b1', 'build18-b1', 'build47-b1'])
'Android Nexus5X WebView Perf', 'linux', 'trusty',
['build58-b1', 'build76-b1', 'build77-b1'])
'Android Nexus6 WebView Perf', 'linux', 'trusty',
['build112-b1', 'build113-b1', 'build114-b1'])
'Win Zenbook Perf', 'win', 'win10',
['build30-b1', 'build31-b1', 'build32-b1', 'build33-b1', 'build34-b1'])
'Win 10 High-DPI Perf', 'win', 'win10',
['build117-b1', 'build118-b1', 'build119-b1', 'build120-b1', 'build121-b1'])
'Win 10 Perf', 'win', 'win10',
['build132-m1', 'build133-m1', 'build134-m1', 'build135-m1', 'build136-m1'])
'Win 8 Perf', 'win', 'win8',
['build143-m1', 'build144-m1', 'build145-m1', 'build146-m1', 'build147-m1'])
'Win 7 Perf', 'win', 'win7',
['build185-m1', 'build186-m1', 'build187-m1', 'build188-m1', 'build189-m1'])
'Win 7 x64 Perf', 'win', 'win7',
['build138-m1', 'build139-m1', 'build140-m1', 'build141-m1', 'build142-m1'])
'Win 7 ATI GPU Perf', 'win', 'win7',
['build101-m1', 'build102-m1', 'build103-m1', 'build104-m1', 'build105-m1'])
'Win 7 Intel GPU Perf', 'win', 'win7',
['build164-m1', 'build165-m1', 'build166-m1', 'build167-m1', 'build168-m1'])
'Win 7 Nvidia GPU Perf', 'win', 'win7',
['build92-m1', 'build93-m1', 'build94-m1', 'build95-m1', 'build96-m1'])
'Mac 10.11 Perf', 'mac', '10.11',
['build102-b1', 'build103-b1', 'build104-b1', 'build105-b1', 'build106-b1'])
'Mac 10.10 Perf', 'mac', '10.10',
['build158-m1', 'build159-m1', 'build160-m1', 'build161-m1', 'build162-m1'])
'Mac Retina Perf', 'mac', '10.9',
['build4-b1', 'build5-b1', 'build6-b1', 'build7-b1', 'build8-b1'])
'Mac HDD Perf', 'mac', '10.10',
['build24-b1', 'build25-b1', 'build26-b1', 'build27-b1', 'build28-b1'])
'Linux Perf', 'linux', 'precise',
['build148-m1', 'build149-m1', 'build150-m1', 'build151-m1', 'build152-m1'])