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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# pylint: disable=F0401
"""Routines to extract step information from builders.
This module mocks out enough of a Buildbot build system to extract BuildSteps
from builders. This is useful if you want to use these Buildsteps separate from
a Buildbot master.
# pylint: disable=C0323,R0201
import os
import re
import sys
from common import chromium_utils
from buildbot.process import base
from buildbot.process import builder as real_builder
from import Properties
from buildbot.status import build as build_module
from buildbot.status import builder
from buildbot.status.results import EXCEPTION
from buildbot.status.results import FAILURE
import buildbot.util
from buildslave.commands import registry
from buildslave.runprocess import shell_quote
from twisted.internet import defer
from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.python.reflect import accumulateClassList
from twisted.python.reflect import namedModule
from twisted.spread import pb
from twisted.spread import util
SCRIPT_DIR = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
class FakeChange(object):
"""Represents a mock of a change to the source tree. See
Change-class.html for what I'm really supposed to be."""
properties = Properties()
who = 'me'
class FakeSource(object):
"""A mocked-up SourceStamp, which encapsulates all the parameters of the
source checkout to build. See
reference/buildbot.sourcestamp.SourceStamp-class.html for reference."""
def __init__(self, setup):
self.revision = setup.get('revision')
self.branch = setup.get('branch')
self.repository = setup.get('repository')
self.project = setup.get('project')
self.patch = setup.get('patch')
self.changes = [FakeChange()]
if not self.branch: self.branch = None
if not self.revision:
raise ValueError('must specify a revision!')
class FakeRequest(object):
"""A mocked-up BuildRequest, which encapsulates the parameters of the build.
buildrequest.BuildRequest-class.html for reference."""
reason = 'Because'
properties = Properties()
submittedAt = None
def __init__(self, buildargs):
self.source = FakeSource(buildargs)
def mergeWith(self, others):
return self.source
def mergeReasons(self, others):
return self.reason
class FakeSlave(util.LocalAsRemote):
"""A mocked combination of BuildSlave and SlaveBuilder. Controls the build
by kicking off steps and receiving messages as those steps run. See
SlaveBuilder-class.html and
reference/buildbot.buildslave.BuildSlave-class.html for reference."""
def __init__(self, builddir, slavebuilddir, slavename):
self.slave = self = Properties()
self.slave_basedir = '.'
self.basedir = '.' # this must be '.' since I combine slavebuilder
# and buildslave
self.path_module = namedModule('posixpath')
self.slavebuilddir = slavebuilddir or builddir
self.builddir = builddir
self.slavename = slavename
self.usePTY = True
self.updateactions = []
self.unicode_encoding = 'utf8'
self.command = None
self.remoteStep = None
def addUpdateAction(self, action):
def getSlaveCommandVersion(self, command, oldversion=None):
return command
def sendUpdate(self, data):
for action in self.updateactions:
self.remoteStep.remote_update([[data, 0]])
def messageReceivedFromSlave(self):
return None
def sync_startCommand(self, stepref, stepId, command, cmdargs):
cmdfactory = registry.getFactory(command)
except KeyError:
raise UnknownCommand("unrecognized SlaveCommand '%s'" % command)
self.command = cmdfactory(self, stepId, cmdargs)
self.remoteStep = stepref
d = self.command.doStart()
return d
class UnknownCommand(pb.Error):
"""Represent an unknown slave command."""
class ReturnStatus(object):
"""Singleton needed for global return code."""
def __init__(self):
self.code = 0
def buildException(status, why):
"""Output error and stop further steps."""
print >>sys.stderr, 'build error encountered:', why
print >>sys.stderr, 'aborting build'
status.code = 1
def finished():
"""Tear down twisted session."""
print >>sys.stderr, 'build completed successfully'
def startNextStep(steps, run_status, prog_args):
"""Run the next step, optionally skipping if there is a stepfilter."""
def getNextStep():
if not steps:
return None
return steps.pop(0)
s = getNextStep()
if hasattr(prog_args, 'step_regex'):
while s and not
print >>sys.stderr, 'skipping step: ' +
s = getNextStep()
if hasattr(prog_args, 'stepreject_regex'):
while s and
print >>sys.stderr, 'skipping step: ' +
s = getNextStep()
except StopIteration:
s = None
if not s:
return finished()
print >>sys.stderr, 'performing step: ' +,
d = defer.maybeDeferred(s.startStep, s.buildslave)
d.addCallback(lambda x: checkStep(x, steps,
run_status, prog_args))
d.addErrback(lambda x: buildException(run_status, x))
return d
def checkStep(rc, steps, run_status, prog_args):
"""Check if the previous step succeeded before continuing."""
if (rc == FAILURE) or (rc == EXCEPTION):
buildException(run_status, 'previous command failed')
defer.maybeDeferred(lambda x: startNextStep(x,
run_status, prog_args), steps)
def ListSteps(my_factory):
"""Construct a list of steps from the builder's factory."""
steps = []
stepnames = {}
for factory, cmdargs in my_factory.steps:
cmdargs = cmdargs.copy()
step = factory(**cmdargs)
print >>sys.stderr, ('error while creating step, factory=%s, args=%s'
% (factory, cmdargs))
name =
if name in stepnames:
count = stepnames[name]
count += 1
stepnames[name] = count
name = + ('_%d' % count)
stepnames[name] = 0 = name
# workdir is often silently passed through
if 'workdir' in cmdargs:
step.workdir = cmdargs['workdir']
#TODO: is this a bug in FileUpload?
if not hasattr(step, 'description') or not step.description:
step.description = []
if not hasattr(step, 'descriptionDone') or not step.descriptionDone:
step.descriptionDone = []
step.locks = []
return steps
class FakeMaster(object):
def __init__(self, mastername):
self.db = None
self.master_name = mastername
self.master_incarnation = None
class FakeBotmaster(object):
def __init__(self, mastername, properties=Properties()):
self.master = FakeMaster(mastername)
self.parent = self = properties
def process_steps(steplist, build, buildslave, build_status, basedir):
"""Attach build and buildslaves to each step."""
for step in steplist:
step.setDefaultWorkdir(os.path.join(basedir, 'build'))
if not hasattr(step, 'workdir') or not step.workdir:
step.workdir = os.path.join(basedir, 'build')
if not os.path.isabs(step.workdir):
step.workdir = os.path.join(basedir, step.workdir)
def StripBuildrunnerIgnore(step):
assert not'_buildrunner_ignore_1'), (
'Duplicate buildrunner step %s not allowed in %s' % ('_buildrunner_ignore_1'), = re.sub('_buildrunner_ignore$', '',
def GetCommands(steplist):
"""Extract shell commands from a step.
Take the BuildSteps from MockBuild() and, if they inherit from ShellCommand,
renders any renderables and extracts out the actual shell command to be
executed. Returns a list of command hashes.
commands = []
for step in steplist:
cmdhash = {}
cmdhash['name'] =
cmdhash['doStep'] = None
cmdhash['stepclass'] = '%s.%s' % (step.__class__.__module__,
if hasattr(step, 'command'):
# None signifies this is not a buildrunner-added step.
if step.brDoStepIf is None:
doStep = step.brDoStepIf
# doStep may modify build properties, so it must run before rendering.
elif isinstance(step.brDoStepIf, bool):
doStep = step.brDoStepIf
doStep = step.brDoStepIf(step)
renderables = []
accumulateClassList(step.__class__, 'renderables', renderables)
for renderable in renderables:
setattr(step, renderable,,
cmdhash['doStep'] = doStep
cmdhash['command'] = step.command
cmdhash['quoted_command'] = shell_quote(step.command)
cmdhash['workdir'] = step.workdir
cmdhash['quoted_workdir'] = shell_quote([step.workdir])
cmdhash['haltOnFailure'] = step.haltOnFailure
if hasattr(step, 'env'):
cmdhash['env'] = step.env
cmdhash['env'] = {}
if hasattr(step, 'timeout'):
cmdhash['timeout'] = step.timeout
if hasattr(step, 'maxTime'):
cmdhash['maxTime'] = step.maxTime
cmdhash['description'] = step.description
cmdhash['descriptionDone'] = step.descriptionDone
return commands
def MockBuild(my_builder, buildsetup, mastername, slavename, basepath=None,
build_properties=None, slavedir=None):
"""Given a builder object and configuration, mock a Buildbot setup around it.
This sets up a mock BuildMaster, BuildSlave, Build, BuildStatus, and all other
superstructure required for BuildSteps inside the provided builder to render
properly. These BuildSteps are returned to the user in an array. It
additionally returns the build object (in order to get its properties if
buildsetup is passed straight into the FakeSource's init method and
contains sourcestamp information (revision, branch, etc).
basepath is the directory of the build (what goes under build/slave/, for
example 'Chromium_Linux_Builder'. It is nominally inferred from the builder
name, but it can be overridden. This is useful when pointing the buildrunner
at a different builder than what it's running under.
build_properties will update and override build_properties after all
builder-derived defaults have been set.
my_factory = my_builder['factory']
steplist = ListSteps(my_factory)
build = base.Build([FakeRequest(buildsetup)])
safename = buildbot.util.safeTranslate(my_builder['name'])
my_builder.setdefault('builddir', safename)
my_builder.setdefault('slavebuilddir', my_builder['builddir'])
workdir_root = None
if not slavedir:
workdir_root = os.path.join(SCRIPT_DIR, '..', '..', 'slave',
if not basepath: basepath = safename
if not slavedir: slavedir = os.path.join(SCRIPT_DIR,
'..', '..', 'slave')
basedir = os.path.join(slavedir, basepath)
build.basedir = basedir
if not workdir_root:
workdir_root = basedir
builderstatus = builder.BuilderStatus('test')
builderstatus.basedir = basedir
buildnumber = build_properties.get('buildnumber', 1)
builderstatus.nextBuildNumber = buildnumber + 1
mybuilder = real_builder.Builder(my_builder, builderstatus)
build_status = build_module.BuildStatus(builderstatus, buildnumber)
build_status.setProperty('blamelist', [], 'Build')
build_status.setProperty('mastername', mastername, 'Build')
build_status.setProperty('slavename', slavename, 'Build')
build_status.setProperty('gtest_filter', [], 'Build')
build_status.setProperty('extra_args', [], 'Build')
build_status.setProperty('build_id', buildnumber, 'Build')
# if build_properties are passed in, overwrite the defaults above:
buildprops = Properties()
if build_properties:
buildprops.update(build_properties, 'Botmaster')
mybuilder.setBotmaster(FakeBotmaster(mastername, buildprops))
buildslave = FakeSlave(safename, my_builder.get('slavebuilddir'), slavename)
build.build_status = build_status
process_steps(steplist, build, buildslave, build_status, workdir_root)
return steplist, build