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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from recipe_engine import recipe_api
import re
class CTApi(recipe_api.RecipeApi):
"""Provides steps to run CT tasks."""
CT_GS_BUCKET = 'cluster-telemetry'
def download_swarming_skps(self, page_type, slave_num, skps_chromium_build,
dest_dir, start_range, num_skps):
"""Downloads SKPs corresponding to the specified page type, slave and build.
The SKPs are stored in Google Storage in the following dirs in CT_GS_BUCKET:
The SKPs are downloaded into subdirectories in the dest_dir.
api: RecipeApi instance.
page_type: str. The CT page type. Eg: 1k, 10k.
slave_num: int. The number of the swarming bot.
skps_chromium_build: str. The build the SKPs were captured from.
dest_dir: path obj. The directory to download SKPs into.
start_range: int. The subdirectory number to start from.
num_skps: int. The total number of SKPs to download starting with
slave_dest_dir = dest_dir.join('slave%s' % slave_num )
remote_dir = 'gs://%s/swarming/skps/%s/%s' % (
self.CT_GS_BUCKET, page_type, skps_chromium_build)
# Delete and recreate the local dir.
self.m.file.rmtree(self.m.path.basename(slave_dest_dir), slave_dest_dir)
self.m.file.makedirs(self.m.path.basename(slave_dest_dir), slave_dest_dir)
# Populate the empty local dir.
gsutil_args = ['-m', 'cp']
for i in range(start_range, start_range+num_skps):
gsutil_args.append('%s/%s/*.skp' % (str(remote_dir), i))
self.m.gsutil(gsutil_args, use_retry_wrapper=False)
except self.m.step.StepFailure: # pragma: nocover
# Some subdirectories might have no SKPs in them.