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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from recipe_engine.config import BadConf
import DEPS
from recipe_engine.config_types import Path
def libyuv(c):
c.runtests.memory_tests_runner = c.CHECKOUT_PATH.join(
'tools', 'valgrind-libyuv', 'libyuv_tests',
platform_ext={'win': '.bat', 'mac': '.sh', 'linux': '.sh'})
def libyuv_clang(c):
@CONFIG_CTX(includes=['ninja', 'gcc', 'goma'])
def libyuv_gcc(c):
def libyuv_android(c):
if c.TARGET_ARCH == 'intel' and c.TARGET_BITS == 32:
c.gyp_env.GYP_DEFINES['android_full_debug'] = 1
def libyuv_android_clang(c):
@CONFIG_CTX(includes=['chromium', 'static_library'])
def libyuv_ios(c):
if c.HOST_PLATFORM != 'mac':
raise BadConf('Only "mac" host platform is supported for iOS (got: "%s")' %
c.HOST_PLATFORM) # pragma: no cover
if c.TARGET_PLATFORM != 'ios':
raise BadConf('Only "ios" target platform is supported (got: "%s")' %
c.TARGET_PLATFORM) # pragma: no cover
c.build_config_fs = c.BUILD_CONFIG + '-iphoneos'
gyp_defs = c.gyp_env.GYP_DEFINES
gyp_defs['OS'] = c.TARGET_PLATFORM
if c.TARGET_BITS == 64:
gyp_defs['target_subarch'] = 'arm64'
def _libyuv_common(c):
c.compile_py.default_targets = ['All']