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# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import DEPS
ChromiumGitURL = DEPS['gclient'].config.ChromiumGitURL
def v8(c):
soln = = 'v8'
soln.url = ChromiumGitURL(c, 'v8', 'v8')
c.got_revision_mapping['v8'] = 'got_revision'
# Needed to get the testers to properly sync the right revision.
# TODO(infra): Upload full buildspecs for every build to isolate and then use
# them instead of this gclient garbage.
c.parent_got_revision_mapping['parent_got_revision'] = 'got_revision'
p = c.patch_projects
p['icu'] = ('v8/third_party/icu', 'HEAD')
def dynamorio(c):
soln = = 'dynamorio'
soln.url = ChromiumGitURL(c, 'external', 'dynamorio')
def llvm_compiler_rt(c):[0].custom_deps['v8/third_party/llvm/projects/compiler-rt'] = (
ChromiumGitURL(c, 'external', '', 'compiler-rt'))
def node_js(c):
soln = = 'node.js'
soln.url = ChromiumGitURL(c, 'external', '', 'v8', 'node')
soln.revision = 'vee-eight-lkgr:HEAD'
c.got_revision_mapping[] = 'got_node_js_revision'
def v8_valgrind(c):[0].custom_deps['v8/third_party/valgrind'] = (
ChromiumGitURL(c, 'chromium', 'deps', 'valgrind', 'binaries'))