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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Test to ensure the validity of the entries within BUILDERS.
Each entry in the BUILDERS dict will be checked to ensure
chromium_tests.configure_build can be called with a BotConfig for that builder
without error.
from recipe_engine import post_process
from recipe_engine.recipe_api import Property
DEPS = [
'mastername': Property(
kind=str, help='Name of the buildbot master to check'),
'buildername': Property(
kind=str, help='Name of the buildbot builder to check'),
def _normalize(x):
if isinstance(x, (list, tuple)):
return set(x)
return x
('chromium.memory', 'Linux ASan Tests (sandboxed)',
lambda tester_value, builder_value: (
builder_value - tester_value == set(['lsan']),
'chromium_apply_config for tester should be '
"the same as its builder with 'lsan' removed"),
def validate_tester_config(api, mastername, buildername, bot_config):
parent_buildername = bot_config.get('parent_buildername')
if parent_buildername == 'dummy':
parent_mastername = bot_config.get('parent_mastername', mastername)
parent_bot_config = api.chromium_tests.create_bot_config_object(
[api.chromium_tests.create_bot_id(parent_mastername, parent_buildername)])
for a in ('chromium_config',
tester_value = _normalize(bot_config.get(a))
builder_value = _normalize(parent_bot_config.get(a))
validator = VALIDATORS.get(
(mastername, buildername, a),
lambda tester_value, builder_value: (
tester_value == builder_value,
'%s mismatch between tester and builder' % a))
valid, description = validator(tester_value, builder_value)
assert valid, description + (
'\n tester %s:%s: %s'
'\n builder %s:%s: %s') % (
mastername, buildername, tester_value,
parent_mastername, parent_buildername, builder_value)
def RunSteps(api, mastername, buildername):
bot_config = api.chromium_tests.create_bot_config_object(
[api.chromium_tests.create_bot_id(mastername, buildername)])
# For testers, check that various configs are equal to the builder's
if bot_config.get('bot_type', 'builder_tester') == 'tester':
validate_tester_config(api, mastername, buildername, bot_config)
# Make sure that the configuration is valid
def GenTests(api):
for mastername, builders_dict in sorted(
for buildername in sorted(builders_dict['builders']):
yield (
api.test(('%s-%s' % (mastername, buildername)).replace(' ', '_'))
+, buildername=buildername)
# We want any errors when creating the BotConfig to be surfaced
# directly to the test rather than creating a failing step
+ api.chromium_tests.handle_bot_config_errors(False)
+ api.chromium_tests.platform(
[{'mastername': mastername, 'buildername': buildername}])
+ api.post_process(post_process.DropExpectation))