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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from recipe_engine.recipe_api import Property
DEPS = [
'buildnumber': Property(
kind=int, help="Number for the build.", default=100),
def RunSteps(api):
# 'isolate_tests' step needs swarming checkout.
# Code coverage for isolate_server property.
api.isolate.isolate_server = ''
assert api.isolate.isolate_server == ''
# Code coverage for service_account_json property.
api.isolate.service_account_json = 'chromium_builder'
assert api.isolate.service_account_json == 'chromium_builder'
# That would read a list of files to search for, generated in GenTests.
step_result = api.step('read test spec', ['cat'], stdout=api.json.output())
expected_targets = step_result.stdout
build_path = api.isolate.repo_resource()
# Generates code coverage for find_isolated_tests corner cases.
# TODO(vadimsh): This step doesn't actually make any sense when the recipe
# is running for real.
api.isolate.find_isolated_tests(build_path, expected_targets)
# Code coverage for 'isolate_tests'. 'isolated_test' doesn't support discovery
# of isolated targets in build directory, so skip if 'expected_targets' is
# None.
if expected_targets is not None:
build_path, expected_targets)
def GenTests(api):
def make_test(
if expected_batcharchive_targets or expected_exparchive_targets:
all_expected_targets = (
(expected_batcharchive_targets or []) +
(expected_exparchive_targets or []))
all_expected_targets = None
missing = set(all_expected_targets or []) - set(discovered_targets or [])
output = (
api.test(name) +
'read test spec',
stdout=api.json.output(all_expected_targets)) +
'find isolated tests',
# See comment around 'if expected_targets is not None' above.
if all_expected_targets:
for target in sorted(expected_exparchive_targets):
output += api.override_step_data(
'isolate %s' % target,
api.isolate.output_json([target], missing))
if expected_batcharchive_targets:
output += api.override_step_data(
'isolate tests',
api.isolate.output_json(expected_batcharchive_targets, missing))
return output
# Expected targets == found targets.
yield make_test(
'basic', ['test1', 'test2'], [], ['test1', 'test2'])
# No expectations, just discovering what's there returned by default mock.
yield make_test(
'discover', None, None, None)
# Found more than expected.
yield make_test(
'extra', ['test1', 'test2'], [], ['test1', 'test2', 'extra_test'])
# Didn't find something.
yield (
make_test('missing', ['test1', 'test2'], [], ['test1']) +'Windows Swarm Test'))
# No expectations, and nothing has been found, produces warning.
yield make_test('none', None, None, [])
# Test the `exparchive` cases
# Only exparchive
yield make_test(
'exparchive', [], ['test_exparchive'], ['test_exparchive'])
yield make_test(
'exparchive-miss', [], ['test_exparchive'], [])
yield make_test(
['test1_exparchive', 'test2_exparchive'],
['test1_exparchive', 'test2_exparchive'])
yield make_test(
['test1_exparchive', 'test2_exparchive'],
# Mixed
yield make_test(
['test1', 'test2'],
['test1', 'test2', 'test_exparchive'])
yield make_test(
['test1', 'test2'],
['test1', 'test_exparchive'])
yield make_test(
['test1', 'test2'],
['test1', 'test2'])
# Use force-exparchive
yield make_test(
['test1', 'test2'],
['test_exparchive', 'test1', 'test2'])
# Use force-exparchive
for i in range(1, 11):
yield make_test(
'use-exparchive-20percent-build%i' % i,
['test1', 'test2'],
['test_exparchive', 'test1', 'test2']) +