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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import contextlib
from recipe_engine import recipe_api
class SwarmingClientApi(recipe_api.RecipeApi):
"""Code that both isolate and swarming recipe modules depend on.
Both swarming and isolate scripts live in a single repository called
'swarming client'. This module include common functionality like finding
existing swarming client checkout, fetching a new one, getting version of
a swarming script, etc.
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
super(SwarmingClientApi, self).__init__(**kwargs)
self._client_path = None
self._script_version = {}
def checkout(self, revision=None, curl_trace_file=None, can_fail_build=True):
"""Returns a step to checkout swarming client into a separate directory.
Ordinarily swarming client is checked out via Chromium DEPS into
src/tools/swarming_client. This step configures recipe module to use
a separate checkout.
If |revision| is None, this requires the build property
'parent_got_swarming_client_revision' to be present, and raises an exception
otherwise. Fail-fast behavior is used because if machines silently fell back
to checking out the entire workspace, that would cause dramatic increases
in cycle time if a misconfiguration were made and it were no longer possible
for the bot to check out swarming_client separately.
# If the following line throws an exception, it either means the
# bot is misconfigured, or, if you're testing locally, that you
# need to pass in some recent legal revision for this property.
if revision is None:
revision =['parent_got_swarming_client_revision']
self._client_path = self.m.path['start_dir'].join('swarming.client')
except self.m.step.StepFailure:
if can_fail_build:
def path(self):
"""Returns path to a swarming client checkout.
It's subdirectory of Chromium src/ checkout or a separate directory if
'checkout_swarming_client' step was used.
if self._client_path:
return self._client_path
# Default is swarming client path in chromium src/ checkout.
# TODO(vadimsh): This line assumes the recipe is working with
# Chromium checkout.
return self.m.path['checkout'].join('tools', 'swarming_client')
def query_script_version(self, script, step_test_data=None):
"""Yields a step to query a swarming script for its version.
Version tuple is later accessible via 'get_script_version' method. If
|step_test_data| is given, it is a tuple with version to use in expectation
tests by default.
Does nothing if script's version is already known.
# Convert |step_test_data| from tuple of ints back to a version string.
if step_test_data:
assert isinstance(step_test_data, tuple)
assert all(isinstance(x, int) for x in step_test_data)
as_text = '.'.join(map(str, step_test_data))
step_test_data_cb = lambda: self.m.raw_io.test_api.stream_output(as_text)
step_test_data_cb = None
if script not in self._script_version:
name='%s --version' % script,
step_result = self.m.step.active_result
version = step_result.stdout.strip()
step_result.presentation.step_text = version
self._script_version[script] = tuple(map(int, version.split('.')))
return step_result
def get_script_version(self, script):
"""Returns a version of some swarming script as a tuple (Major, Minor, Rev).
It should have been queried by 'query_script_version' step before. Raises
AssertionError if it wasn't.
assert script in self._script_version, script
return self._script_version[script]
def ensure_script_version(self, script, min_version, step_test_data=None):
"""Yields steps to ensure a script version is not older than |min_version|.
Will abort recipe execution if it is.
script, step_test_data=step_test_data or min_version)
version = self.get_script_version(script)
if version < min_version:
expecting = '.'.join(map(str, min_version))
got = '.'.join(map(str, version))
abort_reason = 'Expecting at least v%s, got v%s' % (expecting, got)
text = '%s is too old' % script
# Throws a step failure
self.m.python.failing_step(text, abort_reason)
def on_path(self):
"""This is wrapper for recipe_engine/swarming.on_path, this should only be
used from swarming module.
with self.m.swarming.on_path():