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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Retrieve the list of the current build sheriffs."""
import datetime
import os
import re
class BuildSheriffs(object):
# File that contains the string containing the build sheriff names.
# Note: Don't pull from http because if it ever come back to BB, it will
# hang since BB web server is not reentrant!
sheriff_file_pattern_ = '%s.js'
# RE to retrieve the sheriff names.
usernames_matcher_ = re.compile(r'document.write\(\'([\w, ]+)\'\)')
# The datetime when the named sheriff cache expires.
good_until_ = {}
# Cached Sheriffs list.
sheriffs_ = {}
def GetSheriffs(classes, data_dir='public_html'):
"""Returns a list of build sheriffs for the current week."""
# Update ten times per hour
now = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
sheriffs = []
for name in classes:
if name not in BuildSheriffs.good_until_ or (
BuildSheriffs.good_until_[name] < now):
BuildSheriffs.good_until_[name] = now + datetime.timedelta(minutes=6)
# Initialize in case nothing is found.
BuildSheriffs.sheriffs_[name] = []
sheriff_file = os.path.join(data_dir,
BuildSheriffs.sheriff_file_pattern_ % name)
if os.path.isfile(sheriff_file):
f = open(sheriff_file, 'r')
line = f.readlines()[0]
usernames_match = BuildSheriffs.usernames_matcher_.match(line)
if usernames_match:
usernames_str =
if usernames_str != 'None (channel is sheriff)':
for sheriff in usernames_str.split(', '):
if sheriff.count('@') == 0:
sheriff += ''
except (IOError, ValueError):
BuildSheriffs.good_until_[name] = (now +
return sheriffs