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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import os
import re
from buildbot.changes.filter import ChangeFilter
from buildbot.changes.gitpoller import GitPoller
from import Properties
from buildbot.schedulers.basic import SingleBranchScheduler, AnyBranchScheduler
from twisted.internet import defer, utils
from twisted.python import log
class FilterNewSpecProvider(object):
"""Class that implements ChangeFilter generation for CrOS instruction commits.
CrOS sends builder triggers to BuildBot by committing changes with a specific
commit message format. Builders that want to trigger on that message will
use the ChangeFilter returned by this class in their Schedulers.
# Regex to identify and parse branch-launching commit messages. The first
# group is the launching builder name, and the second is its branch.
_CHANGE_FILTER_RE = re.compile(r'Automatic:\s+Start\s+([^\s]+)\s+([^\s]+)')
# Regular expression type.
_REGEX_TYPE = type(re.compile(''))
def __init__(self, repo, builder, branch=None):
"""Creates a new FilterNewSpecProvider.
repo: The repository to watch.
builder (str/regex): The name of the cbuildbot config to watch.
branch (str/regex): The branch that the specified builder is building on.
If None, use 'master'.
self._repo = repo
self._builder = self._ToRegex(builder)
self._branch = self._ToRegex(branch or 'master')
def _ToRegex(cls, value):
"""Converts 'value' to a regex if it's a string; else returns 'value'."""
if isinstance(value, basestring):
value = re.compile(r'^\b%s\b$' % (value,))
assert isinstance(value, cls._REGEX_TYPE)
return value
def _CheckCommitLines(self, *lines):
"""Checks if a given set of commit message lines matches the filter spec."""
for line in lines:
match = self._CHANGE_FILTER_RE.match(line)
if match:
matchBuilder, matchBranch =,
return False
# Do our builder and branch regex match?
return (
self._builder.match(matchBuilder) is not None and
self._branch.match(matchBranch) is not None)
def GetChangeFilter(self):
"""Returns (ChangeFilter): A BuildBot ChangeFilter for matching changes."""
return ChangeFilter(
lambda change: self._CheckCommitLines(*change.comments.splitlines()),
# Function that returns a ChangeFilter from a FilterNewSpecProvider.
FilterNewSpec = lambda *args, **kwargs: \
FilterNewSpecProvider(*args, **kwargs).GetChangeFilter()
class _AddBuildIdMixin(object):
"""MixIn that adds 'the _addBuildIdProperty' function to a class."""
BUILD_ID_RE = re.compile(r'CrOS-Build-Id: (.+)')
def _cleanMasterBuildId(value):
return int(value.strip())
except ValueError, e:
log.msg("Identified invalid build ID [%s]: %s" % (value, e))
return None
def _getMasterBuildId(cls, change):
for line in change.get('comments', '').splitlines():
match = cls.BUILD_ID_RE.match(line)
if match:
return cls._cleanMasterBuildId(
return None
def _addBuildIdProperty(self, changeids, properties=None):
"""Adds the 'master_build_id' property if specified in the change log."""
if not properties:
properties = Properties()
if len(changeids) == 1:
change = yield self.master.db.changes.getChange(changeids[0])
master_build_id = self._getMasterBuildId(change)
if master_build_id:
properties.setProperty('master_build_id', master_build_id,
class ChromeOSManifestSingleBranchScheduler(SingleBranchScheduler,
"""Augmented 'SingleBranchScheduler' that recognizes CROS build properties"""
# Overrides 'SingleBranchScheduler.addBuildsetForChanges'
def addBuildsetForChanges(self, *args, **kwargs):
kwargs['properties'] = yield self._addBuildIdProperty(
kwargs.get('changeids', ()),
rv = yield SingleBranchScheduler.addBuildsetForChanges(
class ChromeOSManifestAnyBranchScheduler(AnyBranchScheduler, _AddBuildIdMixin):
"""Augmented 'AnyBranchScheduler' that recognizes CROS build properties"""
# Overrides 'AnyBranchScheduler.addBuildsetForChanges'
def addBuildsetForChanges(self, *args, **kwargs):
kwargs['properties'] = yield self._addBuildIdProperty(
kwargs.get('changeids', ()),
rv = yield AnyBranchScheduler.addBuildsetForChanges(
class CommentRespectingGitPoller(GitPoller):
"""A subclass of the BuildBot GitPoller that doesn't wreck comment newlines.
# Overrides 'buildbot.changes.gitpoller._get_commit_comments'
def _get_commit_comments(self, rev):
args = ['log', rev, '--no-walk', r'--format=%B%n']
d = utils.getProcessOutput(self.gitbin, args, path=self.workdir,
env=os.environ, errortoo=False)
def process(git_output):
stripped_output = git_output.strip().decode(self.encoding)
if len(stripped_output) == 0:
raise EnvironmentError('could not get commit comment for rev')
return stripped_output
return d