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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Classes for polling a git repository via the gitiles web interface.
The advantage of using gitiles is that a local clone is not needed."""
import datetime
import json
import os
import re
import traceback
import urllib
from urlparse import urlparse
import sqlalchemy as sa
import buildbot.status.web.base as base
from buildbot.status.web.console import RevisionComparator
from buildbot.changes.base import PollingChangeSource
from twisted.internet import defer
from twisted.python import log
from common.gerrit_agent import GerritAgent
LOG_TEMPLATE = '%s/+log/%s?format=JSON&n=%d'
REFS_TEMPLATE = '%s/+%s?format=JSON'
def time_to_datetime(tm):
tm_parts = tm.split()
# Time stamps from gitiles sometimes have a UTC offset (e.g., -0800), and
# sometimes not. time.strptime() cannot parse UTC offsets, so if one is
# present, strip it out and parse manually.
timezone = None
if len(tm_parts) == 6:
tm = ' '.join(tm_parts[:-1])
timezone = tm_parts[-1]
dt = datetime.datetime.strptime(tm, "%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y")
if timezone:
m = re.match(r'([+-])(\d\d):?(\d\d)?', timezone)
assert m, 'Could not parse time zone information from "%s"' % timezone
timezone_delta = datetime.timedelta(
hours=int(, minutes=int( or '0'))
if == '-':
dt += timezone_delta
dt -= timezone_delta
return dt
class Revision(object):
"""Commit wrapper that can be compared to other commits through a comparator.
(See GitilesRevisionComparator.comparableRevision)
def __init__(self, comparator, commit):
self.comparator = comparator
self.commit = commit
def __cmp__(self, other):
assert self.comparator.initialized, "The comparator must be initialized"
return self.comparator.compareSHA1Commits(self.commit, other.commit)
def __repr__(self):
return self.commit
class GitilesRevisionComparator(RevisionComparator):
"""Tracks the commit order of tags in a git repository."""
def __init__(self):
super(GitilesRevisionComparator, self).__init__()
self.sha1_lookup = {}
self.initialized = False
self.initLock = defer.DeferredLock()
def initialize(self, db):
yield self.initLock.acquire()
if self.initialized:
def db_thread_main(conn):
changes_tbl = db.model.changes
q =[sa.asc(changes_tbl.c.changeid)])
rp = conn.execute(q)
for row in rp:
'GitilesRevisionComparator: Finished initializing revision history')
self.initialized = True
def comparableRevision(self, commit):
assert self.initialized, "The comparator must be initialized"
return Revision(self, commit)
def addRevision(self, revision):
if revision in self.sha1_lookup:
idx = len(self.sha1_lookup)
self.sha1_lookup[revision] = idx
def sortingKeyForSHA1(self, sha1_rev):
# Sort known commits by their index in the DB (~= by time), sort unknown
# commits as before any known commit. The order between unknown commits
# is undefined (by we presumably don't care because they are ancient
# history).
if sha1_rev in self.sha1_lookup:
return self.sha1_lookup[sha1_rev]
return -1
def compareSHA1Commits(self, x, y):
return cmp(self.sortingKeyForSHA1(x), self.sortingKeyForSHA1(y))
# RevisionComparator interface implementation.
def isValidRevision(self, revision):
return revision in self.sha1_lookup
def isRevisionEarlier(self, first, second):
return self.compareSHA1Commits(first.revision, second.revision) < 0
def getSortingKey(self):
return lambda c: self.sortingKeyForSHA1(c.revision)
class GitilesPoller(PollingChangeSource):
"""Polls a git repository using the gitiles web interface. """
git_svn_id_re = re.compile(r'^git-svn-id: (.*)@([0-9]+) [0-9a-fA-F\-]*$')
re_pattern_type = type(re.compile(''))
default_cursor_file = '.gitiles_poller_cursor'
def __init__(
self, repo_url, branches=None, pollInterval=30, category=None,
project=None, revlinktmpl=None, agent=None, svn_mode=False,
svn_branch=None, change_filter=None, comparator=None,
repo_url: URL of the gitiles service to be polled.
branches: List of strings and/or compiled regular expressions, specifying
the branches to be polled.
pollInterval: Number of seconds between polling operations.
category: Category to be applied to generated Change objects.
project: Project to be applied to generated Change objects.
revlinktmpl: String template, taking a single 'revision' parameter, used to
generate a web link to a revision.
agent: A GerritAgent object used to make requests to the gitiles service.
svn_mode: When polling a mirror of an svn repository, create changes using
the svn revision number.
svn_branch: When svn_mode=True, this is used to determine the svn branch
name for each change. It can be either a static string, or a function
that takes (gitiles_commit_json, git_branch) as arguments and returns
a static string.
comparator: A GitilesRevisionComparator object, or None. This is used to
share a single comparator between multiple pollers.
cursor_file: Load/save the latest polled revisions for each
repository/branch to this file. If None, no state will be preserved,
and polling will begin at branch HEAD at the time of master start.
u = urlparse(repo_url)
self.repo_url = repo_url
self.repo_host = u.netloc
self.repo_path = urllib.quote(u.path)
if branches is None:
branches = ['master']
elif isinstance(branches, basestring):
branches = [branches]
self.branches = []
for b in branches:
if not isinstance(b, self.re_pattern_type):
b = b.lstrip('/')
if not b.startswith('refs/'):
b = 'refs/heads/' + b
self.branch_heads = {}
self.pollInterval = pollInterval
self.category = category
if project is None:
project = os.path.basename(repo_url)
if project.endswith('.git'):
project = project[:-4]
self.project = project
self.revlinktmpl = revlinktmpl or '%s/+/%%s' % repo_url
self.svn_mode = svn_mode
self.svn_branch = svn_branch
if svn_mode and not svn_branch:
self.svn_branch = project
if agent is None:
agent = GerritAgent('%s://%s' % (u.scheme, u.netloc), read_only=True)
self.agent = agent
self.dry_run = os.environ.get('POLLER_DRY_RUN')
self.change_filter = change_filter
self.comparator = comparator or GitilesRevisionComparator()
self.cursor_file = cursor_file
def startService(self):
# Initialize revision comparator with revisions from all changes
# known to buildbot.
yield self.comparator.initialize(self.master.db)
# Get the head commit for each branch being polled.
branches = yield self._get_branches()
self.branch_heads.update({branch: None for branch in branches.iterkeys()})
# Update any branch heads thatwere not present in the cursor file.
for branch, branch_head in branches.iteritems():
# Load latest revision for our branch if it wasn't in the cursor file.
if not self.branch_heads[branch]:
log.msg('GitilesPoller: Initial revision for branch %s is %s' % (
branch, branch_head))
self.branch_heads[branch] = branch_head
elif branch_head != self.branch_heads[branch]:
log.msg('GitilesPoller: Cursor revision for branch %s is %s with HEAD '
'%s' % (branch, self.branch_heads[branch], branch_head))
log.msg('GitilesPoller: Cursor revision for branch %s is HEAD at %s' % (
branch, branch_head))
def _load_cursor_file(self):
"""Loads the contents of the cursor file for this poller's repository set.
Note that multiple GitilesPoller instances running on the same master
instance can share the same cursor file, since loading is synchronous and
we're in a single-threaded Twisted environment.
Upon successful loading, the contents of the cursor file will be integrated
into |branch_heads|.
if not self.cursor_file:
return None
with open(self.cursor_file, 'r') as fd:
return json.load(fd)
except ValueError as e:
log.err('GitilesPoller: failed to load cursor file [%s]: %s' % (
self.cursor_file, e))
except IOError:
log.msg('GitilesPoller: no cursor file at [%s]' % (self.cursor_file,))
return None
def _merge_cursor_file(self):
cursor = self._load_cursor_file()
if not cursor:
for branch, head in cursor.get(self.repo_url, {}).iteritems():
if branch in self.branch_heads:
self.branch_heads[branch] = head
def _save_cursor_file(self):
if not self.cursor_file:
cursor = self._load_cursor_file() or {}
cursor[self.repo_url] = self.branch_heads
with open(self.cursor_file, 'w') as fd:
json.dump(cursor, fd, sort_keys=True)
def _request(self, method, path):
return self.agent.request(method, path, retry=5, timeout=120)
def _get_branches(self):
result = {}
if self.dry_run:
refs = []
elif any([isinstance(b, self.re_pattern_type) for b in self.branches]):
refs = ['refs']
refs = self.branches
refs_json_requests = []
for ref in refs:
path = REFS_TEMPLATE % (self.repo_path, ref)
refs_json_requests.append(self._request('GET', path))
refs_json = {}
refs_json_results = yield defer.DeferredList(refs_json_requests)
for ref_result in refs_json_results:
if not ref_result[0]:
log.msg('GitilesPoller: failed to fetch ref with result %s' % (
elif ref_result[1]:
for ref, ref_head in refs_json.iteritems():
for branch in self.branches:
if (ref == branch or
(isinstance(branch, self.re_pattern_type) and
(branch.match(ref) or
(ref.startswith('refs/heads/') and branch.match(ref[11:]))))):
result[ref] = ref_head['value']
for branch in self.branch_heads:
if branch not in result:
# for now we don't delete any branches, just warn
# TODO(tandrii)
log.msg("GitilesPoller: branch %s to be deleted; result: %s" % (
branch, result))
def _create_change(self, commit_json, branch):
"""Send a new Change object to the buildbot master."""
if not commit_json:
if self.change_filter and not self.change_filter(commit_json, branch):
commit_branch = branch.rpartition('/')[2]
if callable(self.svn_branch):
commit_branch = self.svn_branch(commit_json, branch)
elif self.svn_branch:
commit_branch = self.svn_branch
commit_author = commit_json['author']['email']
commit_tm = time_to_datetime(commit_json['committer']['time'])
commit_files = []
if 'tree_diff' in commit_json:
for diff_entry in commit_json['tree_diff']:
path = diff_entry.get('new_path')
if path == '/dev/null' and 'old_path' in diff_entry:
path = diff_entry['old_path']
if path:
commit_msg = commit_json['message']
repo_url = self.repo_url
revision = commit_json['commit']
properties = {'git_revision': revision}
if self.svn_mode:
revision = None
for line in reversed(commit_msg.splitlines()):
m = self.git_svn_id_re.match(line)
if m:
repo_url =
revision =
if revision is None:
'GitilesPoller: Could not parse svn revision out of commit message '
'for commit %s in %s' % (commit_json['commit'], self.repo_url))
return None
revlink = ''
if self.revlinktmpl and revision:
revlink = self.revlinktmpl % revision
return self.master.addChange(
def _fetch_new_commits(self, branch, since):
"""Query gitiles for all commits on 'branch' more recent than 'since'."""
result = []
log_json = {'next': branch}
log.msg('GitilesPoller: starting scan for branch %s.' % branch)
while 'next' in log_json:
log_spec = '%s..%s' % (since, log_json['next'])
path = LOG_TEMPLATE % (self.repo_path, log_spec, 100)
log.msg('GitilesPoller: checking for commits on %s' % path)
if self.dry_run:
log_json = {}
log_json = yield self._request('GET', path)
if log_json.get('log'):
log.msg('GitilesPoller: finished scan for branch %s' % branch)
def _collate_commits(a, b):
"""Shuffle together two lists of commits.
The result will be sorted by commit time, while guaranteeing that there are
no inversions compared to the argument lists."""
a = [(c, time_to_datetime(c[0]['committer']['time'])) for c in a]
b = [(c, time_to_datetime(c[0]['committer']['time'])) for c in b]
result = []
while a and b:
if a[-1][1] > b[-1][1]:
while a:
while b:
return result
def poll(self):
all_commits = []
branches = yield self._get_branches()
except Exception:
msg = ('GitilesPoller: Failed to get branch heads:\n%s' %
# Fetch a list of commits that happened since the last poll (across all
# branches). Don't touch self.branch_heads yet. We'll update it once all
# commits are successfully converted into Buildbot changes.
updated_branch_heads = {}
for branch, branch_head in branches.iteritems():
branch_commits = None
if branch not in self.branch_heads:
# New branch: trigger a build based on the current head.
log.msg('GitilesPoller: Discovered new branch %s.' % branch)
branch_commits = yield self._fetch_new_commits(
branch, branch + '~')
elif self.branch_heads[branch] != branch_head:
branch_commits = yield self._fetch_new_commits(
branch, self.branch_heads[branch])
if branch_commits:
updated_branch_heads[branch] = branch_commits[-1]['commit']
branch_commits = [(c, branch) for c in branch_commits]
all_commits = self._collate_commits(all_commits, branch_commits)
except Exception:
msg = ('GitilesPoller: Error while fetching logs for branch %s:\n%s' %
(branch, traceback.format_exc()))
# Clear updated_branch_heads as a safeguard in case exception happened
# after we've updated it.
updated_branch_heads.pop(branch, None)
# Fetch details about all new commits. Give up on errors (to retry the whole
# thing from scratch on the next poll). In principle we can try to proceed
# with commits we've got, but it will require more careful handling of
# self.branch_heads. It will also result in somewhat odd order of commits
# (when historically older commits appear as newer changes because the
# poller failed to poll them on a first attempt).
detailed_commits = []
for commit, branch in all_commits:
path = REVISION_DETAIL_TEMPLATE % (self.repo_path, commit['commit'])
detail = None
if not self.dry_run:
detail = yield self._request('GET', path)
except Exception:
msg = ('GitilesPoller: Error while processing revision %s '
'on branch %s, aborting the poll attempt:\n%s' % (
commit['commit'], branch, traceback.format_exc()))
return # abort everything without checkpointing the progress
detailed_commits.append((commit, branch, detail))
# Now that we have successfully fetched all the commits, convert them into
# Buildbot changes.
for commit, branch, detail in detailed_commits:
if not self.svn_mode:
if not self.dry_run:
yield self._create_change(detail, branch)
except Exception:
msg = ('GitilesPoller: Error while creating a change for revision %s '
'on branch %s:\n%s' % (
commit['commit'], branch, traceback.format_exc()))
# Checkpoint the progress.
if updated_branch_heads:
log.msg('GitilesPoller: No new commits.')
def describe(self):
status = self.__class__.__name__
if not self.master:
status += ' [STOPPED - check log]'
return '%s repo_url=%s' % (status, self.repo_url)
class GitilesStatus(base.HtmlResource):
"""This provides, in JSON, data about the specified GitilesPoller."""
contentType = "application/json"
def __init__(self, poller):
self.poller = poller
super(GitilesStatus, self).__init__()
def content(self, _request, _ctx):
data = {
'branch_heads': self.poller.branch_heads,
return json.dumps(data)