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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This code is based on buildbot/status/, but has diverged
# enough that it no longer makes sense to extend GerritStatusPush from that
# module.
# This class looks for an 'event.change.number' build property -- which is
# created by the GerritPoller class -- as indication that the build was
# triggered by an uploaded patchset, rather than a branch label update.
import urllib
from buildbot.status.base import StatusReceiverMultiService
from buildbot.status.builder import Results
from common.gerrit_agent import GerritAgent
class GerritStatusPush(StatusReceiverMultiService):
"""Add a comment to a gerrit code review indicating the result of a build."""
def __init__(self, gerrit_url, buildbot_url):
self.agent = GerritAgent(gerrit_url)
self.buildbot_url = buildbot_url
def startService(self):
self.status = self.parent.getStatus() # pylint: disable=W0201
def builderAdded(self, name, builder):
return self # subscribe to this builder
def getMessage(self, builderName, build, result):
message = "Buildbot finished compiling your patchset\n"
message += "on configuration: %s\n" % builderName
message += "The result is: %s\n" % Results[result].upper()
message += '%sbuilders/%s/builds/%s\n' % (
return message
def buildFinished(self, builderName, build, result):
if 'event.change.number' not in build.getProperties():
change_number = build.getProperty('event.change.number')
revision = build.getProperty('revision')
message = self.getMessage(builderName, build, result)
verified = '+1' if (result == 0) else '-1'
path = '/changes/%s/revisions/%s/review' % (change_number, revision)
body = {'message': message, 'labels': {'Verified': verified}}
self.agent.request('POST', path, body=body)