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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""A class to mail the try bot results.
# Create a block to work around evil sys.modules manipulation in
# email/ that triggers pylint false positives.
# pylint: disable=E0611,F0401
from email.MIMEMultipart import MIMEMultipart
from email.MIMEText import MIMEText
from email.Utils import formatdate
except ImportError:
from buildbot.status import mail
from buildbot.status.builder import SUCCESS, WARNINGS
from twisted.internet import defer
from twisted.python import log
from master import build_utils
class TryMailNotifier(mail.MailNotifier):
def __init__(self, reply_to=None, failure_message=None,
footer=None, no_email_on_success=None, get_info=None, **kwargs):
mail.MailNotifier.__init__(self, **kwargs)
self.reply_to = reply_to
self.failure_message = failure_message
self.footer = footer
# List of builders to NOT send email about if build was successful
self.no_email_on_success = no_email_on_success or []
self.get_info = get_info
def buildMessage_internal(self, name, build, results):
"""Send an email about the result. Send it as a nice HTML message."""
if results == SUCCESS and name in self.no_email_on_success:
log.msg('Skipping success email for %s' % name)
log.msg('Building try job email')
projectName = self.master_status.getTitle()
if len(build) != 1:
# TODO(maruel): Panic or process them all.
build = build[0]
job_stamp = build.getSourceStamp()
build_url = self.master_status.getURLForThing(build)
builder_url = self.master_status.getURLForThing(build.getBuilder())
waterfall_url = self.master_status.getBuildbotURL()
if results == SUCCESS:
status_text_html = "You are awesome! Try succeeded!"
res = "success"
elif results == WARNINGS:
status_text_html = "Try Had Warnings"
res = "warnings"
status_text_html = self.failure_message
if status_text_html is None:
status_text_html = (
'<strong>If the failure is unrelated to your change, the test may'
' be flaky. Consider retrying the job (e.g. with git cl try).<br>'
' If you think the system is broken,'
' please <a href="'
'entry?labels=Infra-CommitQueue">file an Infra bug report</a>.'
res = "failure"
info = {
'result': res,
'projectName': projectName,
'builder': name,
'reason': build.getReason(),
'revision': build.getProperties().getProperty('got_revision',
'timestamp': getattr(job_stamp, "timestamp", "")
if self.get_info:
info = self.get_info(info, build)
subject = self.subject % info
first_line = (
"try %(result)s for %(reason)s on %(builder)s @ r%(revision)s" % info)
build_props = build.getProperties()
if (build_props.getProperty('requester') == '' or
build_props.getProperty('reason') == 'CQ'):
# CQ handles notifying people about the ultimate success/failure of
# tryjobs by posting to rietveld. It also generates a LOT of email
# from the tryserver which is noisy.
# Also check 'reason', as requester will be a service account for
# triggered tryjobs.
log.msg('Skipping try job email on CQ.')
parent_html = ''
if build_props:
parent_name = build_props.getProperty('parent_buildername')
parent_buildnum = build_props.getProperty('parent_buildnumber')
if parent_name and parent_buildnum:
parent_builder_url = ('%s/builders/%s' %
(waterfall_url.rstrip('/'), parent_name))
parent_build = parent_builder_url + '/builds/%s' % parent_buildnum
parent_html = (
'<br>Parent build: <a href="%(build_url)s">%(buildnum)s</a>'
' on <a href="%(builder_url)s">%(builder)s</a><br>'
% {'builder_url': parent_builder_url,
'builder': parent_name,
'build_url': parent_build,
'buildnum': parent_buildnum})
slave = build.getSlavename()
slave_url = '%s/buildslaves/%s' % (waterfall_url.rstrip('/'), slave)
html_params = {
'subject': subject,
'first_line': first_line,
'waterfall_url': waterfall_url,
'status_text_html': status_text_html,
'build_url': build_url,
'parent_builder_html': parent_html,
'slave': slave,
'slave_url': slave_url,
'build_number': build.getNumber(),
'builder': build.getBuilder().getName(),
'builder_url': builder_url,
# Generate a HTML table looking like the waterfall.
# WARNING: Gmail ignores embedded CSS style unless it's inline.
html_content = (
"""<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<html xmlns="">
<body style="font-family: Verdana, Cursor; font-size: 10px;">
<a href="%(waterfall_url)s">%(waterfall_url)s</a><p>
%(status_text_html)s<p> %(parent_builder_html)s
Build: <a href="%(build_url)s">%(build_number)s</a> on
<a href="%(builder_url)s">%(builder)s</a><br>
slave: <a href="%(slave_url)s">%(slave)s</a><br>
""") % html_params
html_content += self.SpecialPropertiesAsHTML(build_props.asDict())
html_content += build_utils.EmailableBuildTable(build, waterfall_url)
footer = self.footer
if self.footer is None:
footer = """<br>
FAQ: <a href=""></a><br>
html_content += footer
m = MIMEMultipart()
m.attach(MIMEText(html_content, 'html', 'iso-8859-1'))
m['Date'] = formatdate(localtime=True)
m['Subject'] = subject
m['From'] = self.fromaddr
return m
def buildMessage(self, name, build, results):
m = self.buildMessage_internal(name, build, results)
if m is None:
if self.reply_to:
m['Reply-To'] = self.reply_to
# now, who is this message going to?
dl = []
recipients = self.extraRecipients[:]
if self.sendToInterestedUsers and self.lookup:
for u in build[0].getInterestedUsers():
d = defer.maybeDeferred(self.lookup.getAddress, u)
d = defer.DeferredList(dl)
d.addCallback(self._gotRecipients, recipients, m)
return d
def SpecialPropertiesAsHTML(props):
"""Props is a Properties-style dictionary in the form of:
{'name': (value, 'source')}
ret = ''
rev = props.get('got_revision')
if rev:
rev = rev[0]
link = '' % rev
ret += 'base revision: <a href="%s">%s</a><br>' % (link, rev)
aux_propnames = ('issue', 'rietveld', 'patchset')
aux_props = dict(
(k, v[0]) for k, v in props.iteritems() if k in aux_propnames)
if len(aux_props) == len(aux_propnames):
aux_props['issue_link'] = '%(rietveld)s/%(issue)s' % aux_props
aux_props['patch_link'] = (
'%(rietveld)s/download/issue%(issue)s_%(patchset)s.diff' % aux_props)
ret = 'issue: <a href="%(issue_link)s#ps%(patchset)s">%(issue)s</a><br>'
ret += 'raw patchset: <a href="%(patch_link)s">%(patchset)s</a><br>'
ret = ret % aux_props
return ret