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iOS recipes

The recipes are the scripts which run on the iOS bots. This doc assumes you've read the docs in chromium/src for details about how the iOS bots work and that you know what recipes are. You may also want to read the recipe module docs for iOS.


This is the recipe which runs on most iOS bots which need to do their own build and test (even if they are not configured to run any tests). It simply checks out Chromium, compiles for iOS, uploads any compilation outputs that are configured to be uploaded, and runs tests if any exist. A successful build is one in which no step fails.

This recipe is used on chromium.mac.

This is the recipe which runs on iOS try bots. It ensures a try bot's configuration precisely mirrors that of a chromium.mac bot. It uses the analyzer to reduce cycle time and retries compilation without the patch if it fails with the patch in order to indicate whether or not tip of tree itself is failing.

This recipe is used on tryserver.chromium.mac.