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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""A small maintenance tool to do mass execution on the slaves."""
import os
import optparse
import re
import subprocess
import sys
sys.path.append(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), '..'))
from common import chromium_utils
from master import slaves_list
def SubRun(enabled, names, cmd, options):
if enabled:
if options.max:
max_index = options.max
max_index = len(names)
if options.min:
min_index = options.min
min_index = 1
for index in range(min_index, max_index + 1):
host = names[index - 1]
replacements = {
'index': index,
'host': host,
'number': index,
m = re.match(r'^(mini|vm)(\d+)-.*', host)
if m:
replacements['number'] =
command = [item % replacements for item in cmd]
if not options.quiet:
print "> %s" % " ".join(command)
if not options.print_only:
retcode =
if retcode:
if not options.ignore_failure:
print 'Stopped at index %d' % index
if not options.quiet:
print 'Returned %d' % retcode
if not options.ignore_failure:
return retcode
return 0
def RunSSH(options):
win_cmd = options.win_cmd
if win_cmd:
if options.no_cygwin:
# prepend with cmd.exe /c so PATH is correctly searched.
win_cmd = 'cmd.exe /c "%s"' % win_cmd
# Wrap up in cygwin's bash.
win_cmd = 'c:\\cygwin\\bin\\bash --login -c "%s"' % (
win_cmd.replace('"', '\\"'))
ssh = ['ssh', '-o ConnectTimeout=5']
quiet = ['-q'] if options.quiet else []
identity = ['chrome-bot@%(host)s']
retcode = SubRun(, options.win_names,
ssh + quiet + identity + [win_cmd], options)
if not retcode:
retcode = SubRun(options.linux, options.linux_names,
ssh + ['-t'] + quiet + identity + [options.linux_cmd],
if not retcode:
retcode = SubRun(options.mac, options.mac_names,
ssh + ['-t'] + quiet + identity + [options.mac_cmd],
return retcode
def RunSCP(options, src, dst):
cmd = ['scp', src, 'chrome-bot@%(host)s:' + dst]
retcode = SubRun(, options.win_names, cmd, options)
if not retcode:
retcode = SubRun(options.linux, options.linux_names, cmd, options)
if not retcode:
retcode = SubRun(options.mac, options.mac_names, cmd, options)
return retcode
def Clobber(options):
options.no_cygwin = False
path_dbg = '/cygdrive/e/b/build/slave/*/build/src/*/Debug'
path_rel = '/cygdrive/e/b/build/slave/*/build/src/*/Release'
options.win_cmd = 'rm -rf %s %s' % (path_dbg, path_rel)
path_ninja = '/b/build/slave/*/build/src/out'
options.linux_cmd = 'rm -rf %s' % path_ninja
path = '/b/build/slave/*/build/src/{xcodebuild,out}'
options.mac_cmd = 'rm -rf %s' % path
# We don't want to stop if one slave failed.
options.ignore_failure = True
return RunSSH(options)
def Revert(options):
options.no_cygwin = False
path = '/cygdrive/e/b/build/slave/*/build/src'
options.win_cmd = r'cd %s && gclient.bat revert' % path
path = '/b/build/slave/*/build/src'
options.linux_cmd = 'cd %s && gclient revert' % path
options.mac_cmd = 'cd %s && gclient revert' % path
options.ignore_failure = True
return RunSSH(options)
def Restart(options):
options.no_cygwin = True
options.win_cmd = 'shutdown -r -f -t 1'
options.linux_cmd = 'sudo shutdown -r now'
options.mac_cmd = 'sudo shutdown -r now'
# We don't want to stop if one slave failed.
options.ignore_failure = True
return RunSSH(options)
def SyncScripts(options):
options.no_cygwin = True
options.win_cmd = 'cd /d E:\\b && depot_tools\\gclient sync'
options.linux_cmd = 'cd /b && ./depot_tools/gclient sync'
options.mac_cmd = 'cd /b && ./depot_tools/gclient sync'
return RunSSH(options)
def TaskKill(options):
options.no_cygwin = True
options.win_cmd = 'taskkill /im crash_service.exe'
options.ignore_failure = True = True
options.linux = False
options.mac = False
return RunSSH(options)
def InstallMsi(options):
options.no_cygwin = True
options.win_cmd = 'msiexec /quiet /i \\\\hostname\\sharename\\appverif.msi'
options.linux = False
options.mac = False
return RunSSH(options)
def ProcessShortName(master):
"""Substitutes shortcuts."""
master = re.sub(r'\bt\b', 'tryserver', master)
master = re.sub(r'\bc\b', 'chromium', master)
return re.sub(r'\bco\b', 'chromiumos', master)
def Main(argv):
usage = """%prog [options]
Sample usage:
%prog -x t.c --index 5 -i -W "cmd rd /q /s c:\\b\\build\\slave\\win\\build"
%prog -x chromium -l -c
Note: t is replaced with 'tryserver', 'c' with chromium' and
co with 'chromiumos'."""
# Generate the list of available masters.
masters_path = chromium_utils.ListMasters()
masters = [os.path.basename(f) for f in masters_path]
# Strip off 'master.'
masters = [re.match(r'(master\.|)(.*)', m).group(2) for m in masters]
parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage=usage)
group = optparse.OptionGroup(parser, 'Slaves to process')
group.add_option('-x', '--master',
help=('Master to use to load the slaves list. If omitted, all masters '
'that were started at least once are included. If \'all\', all '
'masters are selected. Choices are: %s.') %
', '.join(masters))
group.add_option('-w', '--win', action='store_true')
group.add_option('-l', '--linux', action='store_true')
group.add_option('-m', '--mac', action='store_true')
group.add_option('--bits', help='Slave os bitness', type='int')
group.add_option('--version', help='Slave os version')
group.add_option('-b', '--builder',
help='Only slaves attached to a specific builder')
group.add_option('--min', type='int')
group.add_option('--max', type='int', help='Inclusive')
group.add_option('--index', type='int', help='execute on only one slave')
group.add_option('-s', '--slave', action='append')
group.add_option('--raw', help='Line separated list of slaves to use. Must '
'still use -l, -m or -w to let the script '
'know what command to run')
parser.add_option('-i', '--ignore_failure', action='store_true',
help='Continue even if ssh returned an error')
group = optparse.OptionGroup(parser, 'Premade commands')
group.add_option('-c', '--clobber', action='store_true')
group.add_option('-r', '--restart', action='store_true')
group.add_option('--revert', action='store_true',
help='Execute gclient revert')
group.add_option('--sync_scripts', action='store_true')
group.add_option('--taskkill', action='store_true')
group.add_option('--scp', action='store_true',
help='with the source and dest files')
group.add_option('-q', '--quiet', action='store_true',
help='Quiet mode - do not print the commands')
group.add_option('-p', '--print_only', action='store_true',
help='Print which slaves would have been processed but do '
'nothing. With no command, just print the list of '
'slaves for the given platform(s).')
group.add_option('-N', '--no_cygwin', action='store_true',
help='By default cygwin\'s bash is called to execute the '
group = optparse.OptionGroup(parser, 'Custom commands')
group.add_option('-W', '--win_cmd', help='Run a custom command instead')
group.add_option('-L', '--linux_cmd')
group.add_option('-M', '--mac_cmd')
options, args = parser.parse_args(argv)
# If a command is specified, the corresponding platform is automatically
# enabled.
if options.linux_cmd:
options.linux = True
if options.mac_cmd:
options.mac = True
if options.win_cmd: = True
if options.raw:
# Remove extra spaces and empty lines.
options.slave = filter(None, (s.strip() for s in open(options.raw, 'r')))
if not options.slave:
if not options.master:
# Populates by defaults with every masters with a, thus has
# been started.
slaves = []
for m_p in masters_path:
if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(m_p, '')):
slaves = slaves_list.BaseSlavesList(slaves)
elif options.master == 'all':
slaves = []
for m_p in masters_path:
slaves = slaves_list.BaseSlavesList(slaves)
if not options.master in masters:
options.master = ProcessShortName(options.master)
if not options.master in masters:
parser.error('Unknown master \'%s\'.\nChoices are: %s' % (
options.master, ', '.join(masters)))
master_path = masters_path[masters.index(options.master)]
slaves = chromium_utils.GetSlavesFromMasterPath(master_path)
slaves = slaves_list.BaseSlavesList(slaves)
def F(os_type):
out = slaves.GetSlaves(os=os_type, bits=options.bits,
version=options.version, builder=options.builder)
# Skips slave without a hostname.
return [s.get('hostname') for s in out if s.get('hostname')]
options.win_names = F('win')
options.linux_names = F('linux')
options.mac_names = F('mac')
slaves = options.slave
options.win_names = slaves
options.linux_names = slaves
options.mac_names = slaves
if not options.linux and not options.mac and not
return 0
if options.index:
options.min = options.index
options.max = options.index
if options.scp:
if len(args) != 2:
parser.error('Need 2 args')
return RunSCP(options, args[0], args[1])
if args:
parser.error('Only --scp expects arguments')
if options.restart:
return Restart(options)
elif options.clobber:
return Clobber(options)
elif options.sync_scripts:
return SyncScripts(options)
elif options.taskkill:
return TaskKill(options)
elif options.revert:
return Revert(options)
elif options.print_only and not (options.win_cmd or options.linux_cmd or
names_list = []
if not options.min:
options.min = 1
max_i = len(options.win_names)
if options.max:
max_i = options.max
names_list += options.win_names[options.min - 1:max_i]
if options.linux:
max_i = len(options.linux_names)
if options.max:
max_i = options.max
names_list += options.linux_names[options.min - 1:max_i]
if options.mac:
max_i = len(options.mac_names)
if options.max:
max_i = options.max
names_list += options.mac_names[options.min - 1:max_i]
print '\n'.join(names_list)
if (( and not options.win_cmd) or
(options.linux and not options.linux_cmd) or
(options.mac and not options.mac_cmd)):
parser.error('Need to specify a command')
return RunSSH(options)
if __name__ == '__main__':