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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import argparse
import json
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile
BASE_DIR = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)))
'': [
'Google Chrome ChromeOS',
'Google Chrome Linux x64',
'Google Chrome Mac',
'master.chromium.chromiumos': [
'Linux ChromiumOS Full',
'master.chromium.gpu': [
'GPU Linux Builder (dbg)',
'GPU Mac Builder (dbg)',
'GPU Win Builder (dbg)',
'Linux Debug (NVIDIA)',
'Mac Debug (Intel)',
'Mac Retina Debug (AMD)',
'Win7 Debug (NVIDIA)',
# TODO(kbr): remove as soon as this is part of android_n5x_swarming_rel.
'Android Release (Nexus 5X)',
'master.chromium.linux': [
'Deterministic Linux',
'master.chromium.mac': [
'ios-device', # these are covered, just by the iOS recipes instead.
'Mac10.11 Tests',
'master.chromium.memory': [
'Linux ASan Tests (sandboxed)',
'master.chromium.webkit': [
# TODO( Spin up 10.12 (dbg) trybots once we've
# finished shutting down the 10.9 bots.
'WebKit Mac Builder (dbg)',
'WebKit Mac10.11 (dbg)',
'WebKit Linux Trusty ASAN',
'WebKit Linux Trusty Leak',
'WebKit Linux Trusty MSAN',
'WebKit Win x64 Builder',
'WebKit Win x64 Builder (dbg)',
'': [
'Win7 (32) Tests',
'Win x64 Builder (dbg)',
# FIXME(tansell): Remove fake when BlinkTests are removed.
'' : [
def getBuilders(recipe_name):
"""Asks the given recipe to dump its BUILDERS dictionary.
This must be implemented by the recipe in question.
packages. This is to avoid git.lock collision.
(fh, builders_file) = tempfile.mkstemp('.json')
os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'scripts', 'slave', ''),
'run', recipe_name, 'dump_builders=%s' % builders_file])
with open(builders_file) as fh:
return json.load(fh)
def getCQBuilders(cq_config):
# This relies on 'commit_queue' tool from depot_tools.
output = subprocess.check_output(['commit_queue', 'builders', cq_config])
return json.loads(output)
def getMasterConfig(master):
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as f:
os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'scripts', 'tools', ''),
os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'scripts', 'tools', ''),
os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'masters/%s' % master),])
return json.load(f)
def getBuildersAndRecipes(master):
return {
builder['name'] : builder['factory']['properties'].get(
'recipe', [None])[0]
for builder in getMasterConfig(master)['builders']
def mutualDifference(a, b):
return a - b, b - a
def main(argv):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--cq-config', help='Path to CQ config')
parser.add_argument('--verbose', action='store_true')
args = parser.parse_args()
chromium_recipe_builders = {}
covered_builders = set()
all_builders = set()
exit_code = 0
chromium_trybot_BUILDERS = getBuilders('chromium_trybot')
chromium_BUILDERS = getBuilders('chromium')
cq_builders = getCQBuilders(args.cq_config) if args.cq_config else None
builders = getBuildersAndRecipes(master)
all_builders.update((master, b) for b in builders)
# We only have a standardized way to mirror builders using the chromium
# recipe on the tryserver.
chromium_recipe_builders[master] = [b for b in builders
if builders[b] == 'chromium']
recipe_side_builders = chromium_BUILDERS.get(
master.replace('master.', ''), {}).get('builders')
if recipe_side_builders is not None:
bogus_builders = set(recipe_side_builders.keys()).difference(
if bogus_builders:
exit_code = 1
print 'The following builders from chromium recipe'
print 'do not exist in master config for %s:' % master
print '\n'.join('\t%s' % b for b in sorted(bogus_builders))
other_recipe_builders = set(recipe_side_builders.keys()).difference(
if other_recipe_builders:
exit_code = 1
print 'The following builders from chromium recipe'
print 'are configured to run a different recipe on the master'
print '(%s):' % master
print '\n'.join('\t%s' % b for b in sorted(other_recipe_builders))
for master in TRYSERVER_MASTERS:
short_master = master.replace('master.', '')
builders = getBuildersAndRecipes(master)
recipe_side_builders = chromium_trybot_BUILDERS[
bogus_builders = set(recipe_side_builders.keys()).difference(
# FIXME(tansell): Remove fake when BlinkTests are removed.
for fake in FAKE_BUILDERS.get(master, []):
if fake in bogus_builders:
if bogus_builders:
exit_code = 1
print 'The following builders from chromium_trybot recipe'
print 'do not exist in master config for %s:' % master
print '\n'.join('\t%s' % b for b in sorted(bogus_builders))
for builder, recipe in builders.iteritems():
# Only the chromium_trybot recipe knows how to mirror a main waterfall
# builder.
if recipe != 'chromium_trybot':
bot_config = recipe_side_builders.get(builder)
if not bot_config:
if args.cq_config and builder not in cq_builders.get(short_master, {}):
# TODO(phajdan.jr): Make it an error if any builders referenced here
# are not using chromium recipe.
for bot_id in bot_config['bot_ids']:
main_waterfall_master = 'master.' + bot_id['mastername']
bots = [bot_id['buildername']]
if bot_id.get('tester'):
for mw_builder in bots:
if mw_builder in chromium_recipe_builders.get(
main_waterfall_master, []):
covered_builders.add((main_waterfall_master, mw_builder))
# TODO(phajdan.jr): Add a way to only count trybots launched by CQ by default.
print 'Main waterfall ng-trybot coverage: %.2f' % (
100.0 * len(covered_builders) / len(all_builders))
not_covered_builders = all_builders.difference(covered_builders)
suppressed_builders = set()
for master, builders in SUPPRESSIONS.iteritems():
suppressed_builders.update((master, b) for b in builders)
regressed_builders = not_covered_builders.difference(suppressed_builders)
if regressed_builders:
exit_code = 1
print 'Regression, the following builders lack in-sync tryserver coverage:'
print '\n'.join(sorted(
'\t%s:%s' % (b[0], b[1]) for b in regressed_builders))
unused_suppressions = suppressed_builders.difference(not_covered_builders)
if unused_suppressions:
exit_code = 1
print 'Unused suppressions:'
print '\n'.join(sorted(
'\t%s:%s' % (b[0], b[1]) for b in unused_suppressions))
return exit_code
if __name__ == '__main__':