Remove workaround for pip package extras

We add a newly supported environment variable (PIP_NO_DEPS, b/222535110) in app.yaml to restrict the installation of packages to the ones listed in the requirements.txt file. Recursive dependencies are not installed anymore and must be included in the file.

This has been the case before already, but due to insufficient extras management within pip (, we needed to add each package for all used extras combinations. The new build flag makes this duplication redundant.

See [1] for a cloud build without the workaround and without the env var, and [2] when applying the env var. [1] fails due to an attempt to install packages using pip's extras tag.


Bug: 1327200
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This repo contains:

  • the infra for serving the devtools frontend from Google's app engine (gae_py3)

See this README and go/devtools-hosting-app for details.

go/devtools-uploader references to a deprecated version of this app.