Why am I seeing this message?

We're starting to collect metrics about how developers use gclient and other tools in depot_tools to better understand the performance and failure modes of the tools, as well of the pain points and workflows of depot_tools users.

Pleas consider opting in. It will allow us to know what features are the most important, what features can we deprecate, and what features should we develop to better cover your use case.

You will be opted in by default after 10 executions of depot_tools commands, after which the message will change to let you know metrics collection is taking place.

What metrics are you collecting?

First, some words about what data we are NOT collecting:

  • We won’t record any information that identifies you personally.
  • We won't record the command line flag values.
  • We won't record information about the current directory or environment flags.

The metrics we're collecting are:

  • A timestamp, with a week resolution.
  • The age of your depot_tools checkout, with a week resolution.
  • Your version of Python (in the format major.minor.micro).
  • The OS of your machine (i.e. win, linux or mac).
  • The arch of your machine (e.g. x64, arm, etc).
  • The command that you ran (e.g. gclient sync).
  • The flag names (but not their values) that you passed to the command (e.g. --force, --revision).
  • The execution time.
  • The exit code.
  • The project you‘re working on. We only record data about projects you can fetch using depot_tools’ fetch command (e.g. Chromium, WebRTC, V8, etc)
  • The age of your project checkout, with a week resolution.
  • What features are you using in your DEPS and .gclient files. For example:
    • Are you setting use\_relative\_paths=True?
    • Are you using recursedeps?

How can I stop seeing this message?

You will stop seeing it once you have explicitly opted in or out of depot_tools metrics collection.

You can run gclient metrics --opt-in or gclient metrics --opt-out to do so. And you can opt-in or out at any time.