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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import argparse
import json
import re
import sys
from collections import defaultdict
import git_common as git
FOOTER_PATTERN = re.compile(r'^\s*([\w-]+): *(.*)$')
CHROME_COMMIT_POSITION_PATTERN = re.compile(r'^([\w/\-\.]+)@{#(\d+)}$')
FOOTER_KEY_BLOCKLIST = set(['http', 'https'])
def normalize_name(header):
return '-'.join([word.title() for word in header.strip().split('-')])
def parse_footer(line):
"""Returns footer's (key, value) if footer is valid, else None."""
match = FOOTER_PATTERN.match(line)
if match and not in FOOTER_KEY_BLOCKLIST:
return (,
return None
def parse_footers(message):
"""Parses a git commit message into a multimap of footers."""
_, _, parsed_footers = split_footers(message)
footer_map = defaultdict(list)
if parsed_footers:
# Read footers from bottom to top, because latter takes precedense,
# and we want it to be first in the multimap value.
for (k, v) in reversed(parsed_footers):
return footer_map
def matches_footer_key(line, key):
"""Returns whether line is a valid footer whose key matches a given one.
Keys are compared in normalized form.
r = parse_footer(line)
if r is None:
return False
return normalize_name(r[0]) == normalize_name(key)
def split_footers(message):
"""Returns (non_footer_lines, footer_lines, parsed footers).
Guarantees that:
(non_footer_lines + footer_lines) ~= message.splitlines(), with at
most one new newline, if the last paragraph is text followed by footers.
parsed_footers is parse_footer applied on each line of footer_lines.
There could be fewer parsed_footers than footer lines if some lines in
last paragraph are malformed.
message_lines = list(message.rstrip().splitlines())
footer_lines = []
maybe_footer_lines = []
for line in reversed(message_lines):
if line == '' or line.isspace():
if parse_footer(line):
maybe_footer_lines = []
# We only want to include malformed lines if they are preceded by
# well-formed lines. So keep them in holding until we see a
# well-formed line (case above).
# The whole description was consisting of footers,
# which means those aren't footers.
footer_lines = []
footers = [footer for footer in map(parse_footer, footer_lines) if footer]
if not footers:
return message_lines, [], []
if maybe_footer_lines:
# If some malformed lines were left over, add a newline to split them
# from the well-formed ones.
return message_lines[:-len(footer_lines)] + [''], footer_lines, footers
return message_lines[:-len(footer_lines)], footer_lines, footers
def get_footer_change_id(message):
"""Returns a list of Gerrit's ChangeId from given commit message."""
return parse_footers(message).get(normalize_name('Change-Id'), [])
def add_footer_change_id(message, change_id):
"""Returns message with Change-ID footer in it.
Assumes that Change-Id is not yet in footers, which is then inserted at
earliest footer line which is after all of these footers:
assert 'Change-Id' not in parse_footers(message)
return add_footer(message,
after_keys=['Bug', 'Issue', 'Test', 'Feature'])
def add_footer(message, key, value, after_keys=None, before_keys=None):
"""Returns a message with given footer appended.
If after_keys and before_keys are both None (default), appends footer last.
If after_keys is provided and matches footers already present, inserts footer
as *early* as possible while still appearing after all provided keys, even
if doing so conflicts with before_keys.
If before_keys is provided, inserts footer as late as possible while still
appearing before all provided keys.
For example, given
message='Header.\n\nAdded: 2016\nBug: 123\nVerified-By: CQ'
after_keys=['Bug', 'Issue']
the new footer will be inserted between Bug and Verified-By existing footers.
assert key == normalize_name(key), 'Use normalized key'
new_footer = '%s: %s' % (key, value)
if not FOOTER_PATTERN.match(new_footer):
raise ValueError('Invalid footer %r' % new_footer)
top_lines, footer_lines, _ = split_footers(message)
if not footer_lines:
if not top_lines or top_lines[-1] != '':
footer_lines = [new_footer]
after_keys = set(map(normalize_name, after_keys or []))
after_indices = [
footer_lines.index(x) for x in footer_lines for k in after_keys
if matches_footer_key(x, k)
before_keys = set(map(normalize_name, before_keys or []))
before_indices = [
footer_lines.index(x) for x in footer_lines for k in before_keys
if matches_footer_key(x, k)
if after_indices:
# after_keys takes precedence, even if there's a conflict.
insert_idx = max(after_indices) + 1
elif before_indices:
insert_idx = min(before_indices)
insert_idx = len(footer_lines)
footer_lines.insert(insert_idx, new_footer)
return '\n'.join(top_lines + footer_lines)
def remove_footer(message, key):
"""Returns a message with all instances of given footer removed."""
key = normalize_name(key)
top_lines, footer_lines, _ = split_footers(message)
if not footer_lines:
return message
new_footer_lines = []
for line in footer_lines:
f = normalize_name(parse_footer(line)[0])
if f != key:
except TypeError:
# If the footer doesn't parse (i.e. is malformed), just let it carry
# over.
return '\n'.join(top_lines + new_footer_lines)
def get_unique(footers, key):
key = normalize_name(key)
values = footers[key]
assert len(values) <= 1, 'Multiple %s footers' % key
if values:
return values[0]
return None
def get_position(footers):
"""Get the commit position from the footers multimap using a heuristic.
A tuple of the branch and the position on that branch. For example,
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/main@{#292272}
would give the return value ('refs/heads/main', 292272).
position = get_unique(footers, 'Cr-Commit-Position')
if position:
match = CHROME_COMMIT_POSITION_PATTERN.match(position)
assert match, 'Invalid Cr-Commit-Position value: %s' % position
return (,
raise ValueError('Unable to infer commit position from footers')
def main(args):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
help='Git ref to retrieve footers from.'
' Omit to parse stdin.')
g = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
help='Get all values for the given footer name, one per '
'line (case insensitive)')
g.add_argument('--position', action='store_true')
g.add_argument('--position-ref', action='store_true')
g.add_argument('--position-num', action='store_true')
help='filename to dump JSON serialized footers to.')
opts = parser.parse_args(args)
if opts.ref:
message ='log', '-1', '--format=%B', opts.ref)
message =
footers = parse_footers(message)
if opts.key:
for v in footers.get(normalize_name(opts.key), []):
elif opts.position:
pos = get_position(footers)
print('%s@{#%s}' % (pos[0], pos[1] or '?'))
elif opts.position_ref:
elif opts.position_num:
pos = get_position(footers)
assert pos[1], 'No valid position for commit'
elif opts.json:
with open(opts.json, 'w') as f:
json.dump(footers, f)
for k in footers.keys():
for v in footers[k]:
print('%s: %s' % (k, v))
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':
except KeyboardInterrupt: