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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Initializes all the perf directories.
import optparse
import os
import shutil
import sys
SystemTitles = {
'android-gn': 'Android Galaxy Nexus',
'android-nexus4': 'Android Nexus4',
'android-nexus10': 'Android Nexus10',
'android-release': 'Chromium Android',
'chromium-rel-mac5-cg': 'Chromium Mac 10.5 (cg)',
'chromium-rel-mac5-clang': 'Chromium Mac 10.5 (clang)',
'chromium-rel-mac6-cg': 'Chromium Mac 10.6 (cg)',
'chromium-rel-mac6-clang': 'Chromium Mac 10.6 (clang)',
'chromium-rel-mac7-fyi': 'Chromium Mac 10.7 FYI',
'chromium-rel-mac7-gpu-intel': 'Chromium Mac 10.7 GPU (Intel)',
'chromium-rel-win7-dual': 'Chromium Win7',
'chromium-rel-win7-dual-fyi': 'Chromium Win7 FYI',
'chromium-rel-win7-gpu-ati': 'Chromium Win7 GPU (ATI)',
'chromium-rel-win7-gpu-intel': 'Chromium Win7 GPU (Intel)',
'chromium-rel-win7-gpu-nvidia': 'Chromium Win7 GPU (NVIDIA)',
'chromium-rel-win7-single': 'Chromium Win7 (single)',
'chromium-rel-win7-webkit': 'Chromium Win7 (webkit)',
'chromium-webrtc-rel-7': 'Chromium Win7 (WebRTC)',
'chromium-webrtc-rel-linux': 'Chromium Linux (WebRTC)',
'chromium-webrtc-rel-mac': 'Chromium Mac (WebRTC)',
'chromium-webrtc-rel-xp': 'Chromium WinXP (WebRTC)',
'chromium-webrtc-stable-tot-rel-linux': 'Chromium Linux (WebRTC stable)',
'chromium-webrtc-trunk-tot-rel-linux': 'Chromium Linux (WebRTC trunk)',
'chromium-webrtc-stable-tot-rel-mac': 'Chromium Mac (WebRTC stable)',
'chromium-webrtc-trunk-tot-rel-mac': 'Chromium Mac (WebRTC trunk)',
'chromium-webrtc-stable-tot-rel-win': 'Chromium Win (WebRTC stable)',
'chromium-webrtc-trunk-tot-rel-win': 'Chromium Win (WebRTC trunk)',
'gpu-fyi-linux-release-ati': 'GPU FYI Linux Release (ATI)',
'gpu-fyi-linux-release-intel': 'GPU FYI Linux Release (Intel)',
'gpu-fyi-mac-release-ati': 'GPU FYI Mac Release (ATI)',
'gpu-fyi-win7-release-ati': 'GPU FYI Win7 Release (ATI)',
'gpu-fyi-win7-release-intel': 'GPU FYI Win7 Release (Intel)',
'gpu-fyi-winxp-debug-nvidia': 'GPU FYI WinXP Debug (NVIDIA)',
'gpu-fyi-winxp-release-nvidia': 'GPU FYI WinXP Release (NVIDIA)',
'gpu-linux-release-nvidia': 'GPU Linux Release (NVIDIA)',
'gpu-mac-release-intel': 'GPU Mac Release (Intel)',
'gpu-webkit-linux-nvidia': 'Webkit GPU Linux (NVIDIA)',
'gpu-webkit-mac': 'Webkit GPU Mac',
'gpu-webkit-win7-nvidia': 'Webkit GPU Win7 (NVIDIA)',
'gpu-win7-rel': 'GPU Win7 Release',
'gpu-win7-release-nvidia': 'GPU Win7 Release (NVIDIA)',
'linux-debug': 'Linux Perf (debug)',
'linux-release': 'Chromium Linux',
'linux-release-64': 'Chromium Linux 64',
'linux-release-fyi': 'Chromium Linux FYI',
'linux-release-hardy': 'Linux Perf',
'linux-release-lowmem': 'Linux Perf (lowmem)',
'linux-release-webkit-latest': 'Linux Perf (webkit-latest)',
'linux-targets': 'Linux Target Builds',
'lumpy-chrome-perf': 'Lumpy (perf)',
'mac-debug': 'Mac Perf (debug)',
'mac-release': 'Mac Perf',
'mac-release-10.5': 'Mac 10.5 Perf',
'mac-release-10.5-v8-latest': 'Chromium Mac 10.5 (v8-latest)',
'mac-release-10.5-webkit-latest': 'Mac 10.5 Perf (webkit-latest)',
'mac-release-10.6': 'Mac 10.6 Perf',
'mac-release-10.6-v8-latest': 'Chromium Mac 10.6 (v8-latest)',
'mac-release-10.6-webkit-latest': 'Mac 10.6 Perf (webkit-latest)',
'mac-release-old-10.6': 'Old Mac 10.6 Perf',
'mac-targets': 'Mac Target Builds',
'nacl-lucid-32-bare-glibc-opt': 'NaCl Lucid32 Bare Glibc Opt',
'nacl-lucid-32-bare-newlib-opt': 'NaCl Lucid32 Bare Newlib Opt',
'nacl-lucid-64-bare-glibc-opt': 'NaCl Lucid64 Bare Glibc Opt',
'nacl-lucid-64-bare-newlib-opt': 'NaCl Lucid64 Bare Newlib Opt',
'nacl-lucid_64-newlib-arm_qemu-pnacl-spec': 'NaCl Lucid64 Newlib Arm Qemu Pnacl Spec',
'nacl-lucid_64-newlib-x86_32-pnacl-spec': 'NaCl Lucid64 Newlib x86_32 Pnacl Spec',
'nacl-lucid_64-newlib-x86_32-spec': 'NaCl Lucid64 Newlib x86_32 Spec',
'nacl-lucid_64-newlib-x86_64-pnacl-spec': 'NaCl Lucid64 Newlib x86_64 Pnacl Spec',
'nacl-lucid_64-newlib-x86_64-spec': 'NaCl Lucid64 Newlib x86_64 Spec',
'nacl-mac10.5-glibc-opt': 'NaCl Mac10.5 Glibc Opt',
'nacl-mac10.5-newlib-opt': 'NaCl Mac10.5 Newlib Opt',
'nacl-mac10.6-glibc-opt': 'NaCl Mac10.6 Glibc Opt',
'nacl-mac10.6-newlib-opt': 'NaCl Mac10.6 Newlib Opt',
'nacl-mac10.7-glibc-opt': 'NaCl Mac10.7 Glibc Opt',
'nacl-mac10.7-newlib-opt': 'NaCl Mac10.7 Newlib Opt',
'nacl-oneiric_32-newlib-arm_hw-pnacl-panda-spec': 'NaCl Oneiric32 Newlib Arm HW Pnacl Spec',
'nacl-toolchain-linux-pnacl-x86_64': 'NaCl Toolchain Lucid64 Pnacl',
'nacl-win7-32-bare-glibc-opt': 'NaCl Win7 32bit Bare Glibc Opt',
'nacl-win7-32-bare-newlib-opt': 'NaCl Win7 32bit Bare Newlib Opt',
'nacl-win7-64-bare-glibc-opt': 'NaCl Win7 64bit Bare Glibc Opt',
'nacl-win7-64-bare-newlib-opt': 'NaCl Win7 64bit Bare Newlib Opt',
'nacl-xp-bare-glibc-opt': 'NaCl XP Bare Glibc Opt',
'nacl-xp-bare-newlib-opt': 'NaCl XP Bare Newlib Opt',
'vista-release-dual-core': 'Vista Perf',
'vista-release-single-core': 'Vista Perf (single)',
'vista-release-v8-latest': 'Vista Perf (v8-latest)',
'vista-release-webkit-latest': 'Vista Perf (webkit-latest)',
'win-release': 'Chrome Win',
'win-release-chrome-frame': 'Chrome Frame Win',
'win-targets': 'Windows Target Builds',
'xp-debug': 'XP Perf (debug)',
'xp-release': 'Chromium XP',
'xp-release-dual-core': 'XP Perf',
'xp-release-memory': 'Chromium XP Memory',
'xp-release-single-core': 'XP Perf (single)',
'xp-release-v8-latest': 'XP Perf (v8-latest)',
'xp-release-webkit-latest': 'XP Perf (webkit-latest)',
'webrtc-linux-large-tests': 'WebRTC Large Tests Linux',
'webrtc-mac-large-tests': 'WebRTC Large Tests Mac',
'webrtc-win-large-tests': 'WebRTC Large Tests Win7',
# This is public code and should not contain internal names.
ChromeSystemTitles = {
'chrome-vista-dual-core': 'Vista Dual Core',
'chrome-vista-quad-core': 'Vista Quad Core',
# These are long-running endure tests that have differently-shaped graphs.
EndureSystemTitles = {
'endure-linux-dbg': 'Endure Linux Debug',
'endure-linux-rel': 'Endure Linux Release',
TestTitles = {
'audio_e2e_test': 'WebRTC Audio E2E',
'audioproc_perf': 'WebRTC Audio Processing Perf',
'avperf': 'Audio Video Perf',
'av_perf': 'Audio Video Perf 2',
'bloat-http': 'Bloat - HTTP',
'cc_perftests': 'Chrome Compositor Perf',
'chrome_frame_perf': 'Chrome Frame Perf',
'coverage': 'Code Coverage',
'database': 'Page Cycler Database',
'dhtml': 'Page Cycler DHTML',
'dom_perf': 'Dom',
'dromaeo_domcoreattr': 'Dromaeo DOMCore attr',
'dromaeo_domcoremodify': 'Dromaeo DOMCore modify',
'dromaeo_domcorequery': 'Dromaeo DOMCore query',
'dromaeo_domcoretraverse': 'Dromaeo DOMCore traverse',
'dromaeo_jslibattrjquery': 'Dromaeo JSLib attr jquery',
'dromaeo_jslibattrprototype': 'Dromaeo JSLib attr prototype',
'dromaeo_jslibeventjquery': 'Dromaeo JSLib event jquery',
'dromaeo_jslibeventprototype': 'Dromaeo JSLib event prototype',
'dromaeo_jslibmodifyjquery': 'Dromaeo JSLib modify jquery',
'dromaeo_jslibmodifyprototype': 'Dromaeo JSLib modify prototype',
'dromaeo_jslibstylejquery': 'Dromaeo JSLib stylej query',
'dromaeo_jslibstyleprototype': 'Dromaeo JSLib style prototype',
'dromaeo_jslibtraversejquery': 'Dromaeo JSLib traverse jquery',
'dromaeo_jslibtraverseprototype': 'Dromaeo JSLib traverse prototype',
'endure_cal_fw_back_live': 'Endure Calendar Forward and Backward (live)',
'endure_gmail_exp_col_live': 'Endure Gmail Expand and Collapse Conversation (live)',
'endure_gmail_labels_live': 'Endure Gmail Alternate Labels (live)',
'endure_gmail_thread_live': 'Endure Gmail Alternate Threads (live)',
'endure_plus_photos_live': 'Endure Plus Alternate Posts and Photos (live)',
'endure_cal_fw_back_wpr': 'Endure Calendar Forward and Backward (recording)',
'endure_gmail_exp_col_wpr': 'Endure Gmail Expand and Collapse Conversation (recording)',
'endure_gmail_labels_wpr': 'Endure Gmail Alternate Labels (recording)',
'endure_gmail_thread_wpr': 'Endure Gmail Alternate Threads (recording)',
'endure_plus_photos_wpr': 'Endure Plus Alternate Posts and Photos (recording)',
'frame_rate': 'Frame Rate',
'gpu_frame_rate': 'GPU Frame Rate',
'gpu_latency': 'GPU Latency',
'gpu_throughput': 'GPU Throughput',
'idb_perf': 'Other IndexedDB',
'image_decoding_benchmark': 'Image Decoding Benchmark',
'indexeddb': 'Page Cycler IndexedDB',
'intl1': 'Page Cycler Intl1',
'intl2': 'Page Cycler Intl2',
'isac_fixed_perf': 'WebRTC iSAC Fixed-point Perf',
'jsgamebench': 'JSGameBench',
'kraken': 'Kraken',
'mach_ports': 'Mach Port Usage',
'memory': 'Memory',
'memory_benchmark': 'Memory Benchmark',
'media_perf': 'Media Perf',
'media_tests_av_perf': 'Media Tests AV Perf',
'morejs': 'Page Cycler Morejs',
'moz': 'Page Cycler Moz',
'moz-http': 'Page Cycler Moz - HTTP',
'nacl-perf': 'NaCl Perf',
'new-tab-ui-cold': 'New Tab Cold',
'new-tab-ui-warm': 'New Tab Warm',
'octane': 'Octane',
'page_cycler_2012Q2-netsim': 'Page Cycler 2012Q2 Netsim',
'pnacl-tools': 'PNaCl Toolchain',
'pyauto_perf': 'Pyauto Perf',
'pyauto_webrtc_tests': 'WebRTC PyAuto',
'pyauto_webrtc_quality_tests': 'WebRTC Quality PyAuto',
'resource_sizes': 'Resource Sizes',
'robohornetpro': 'RoboHornet Pro',
'scrolling_benchmark': 'Scrolling Benchmark',
'sizes': 'Sizes',
'spaceport': 'Spaceport',
'spec2k': 'Spec2K',
'startup': 'Startup',
'sunspider': 'SunSpider',
'sync': 'Sync',
'tab-switching': 'Tab Switching',
'targets': 'Target Build Times',
'v8_benchmark': 'V8 Benchmark',
'vie_auto_test': 'WebRTC Video Engine Auto Test',
'webrtc_perf_content_unittests': 'WebRTC content_unittests',
# Template contents of a config.js file. One of these gets created in
# each subdirectory for a given perf test, identified with the system
# that it's part of and an appropriate title.
var Config = {
buildslave: '%(system_title)s',
title: '%(title)s',
changeLinkPrefix: '%(base_url)s/perf/dashboard/ui/changelog.html?url=/trunk/src&mode=html&range=',
coverageLinkPrefix: '%(base_url)s/coverage/%(system_dir)s/',
# Template contents of a chrome_config.js file. One is create in dashboard
# directory. This specifies all test names and machines that are running
# the tests. This is used by Chrome dashboard HTML pages.
This file is generated by
var ChromeConfig = {
systemTitles: {
testTitles : {
# Template contents of a config.js file for endure tests.
var Config = {
buildslave: '%(system_title)s',
title: '%(title)s',
('details.html', '../../dashboard/ui/details.html'),
('report.html', '../../dashboard/ui/generic_plotter.html'),
('js', '../../dashboard/ui/js'),
('report.html', '../../dashboard/ui/chrome_report.html'),
('js', '../../dashboard/ui/js'),
('report.html', '../../dashboard/ui/endure_plotter.html'),
('js', '../../dashboard/ui/endure_js'),
# Descriptions for optional detail tabs
'view-pages': 'Data',
'view-coverage': 'Coverage',
def WriteJSConfigFile(perf_dir, system_title, test_title, symlink_list):
contents = CONFIG_TEMPLATE % {
'base_url': BASE_URL,
'system_title': system_title,
'title': test_title,
'system_dir': os.path.basename(os.path.dirname(perf_dir)),
# Add detail tabs to config.
if os.path.basename(perf_dir) in ('coverage'):
detail_tabs = ['view-coverage']
elif os.path.basename(perf_dir) in ('sizes', 'targets'):
detail_tabs = []
detail_tabs = ['view-pages']
contents += " detailTabs: { 'view-change': 'CL'"
for tab in detail_tabs:
contents += ", '%s': '%s'" % (tab, DETAIL_TAB_DESC.get(tab, tab))
contents += ' }\n'
with open(os.path.join(perf_dir, 'config.js'), 'w') as config_f:
def WriteChromeJSConfigFile():
"""Write Chrome JavaScript configuration file."""
system_title = ''
sorted_system_titles = sorted(ChromeSystemTitles.items(), key=lambda x: x[0])
for sys, title in sorted_system_titles:
system_title += ' \'%s\': \'%s\',\n' % (sys, title)
system_title = system_title.rstrip()
test_title = ''
sorted_test_titles = sorted(TestTitles.items(), key=lambda x: x[0])
for test, title in sorted_test_titles:
test_title += ' \'%s\': \'%s\',\n' % (test, title)
test_title = test_title.rstrip()
'system_title': system_title,
'test_title': test_title,
with open(os.path.join('dashboard', 'chrome_config.js'), 'w') as config_f:
def WriteEndureJSConfigFile(perf_dir, system_title, test_title, symlink_list):
'system_title': system_title,
'title': test_title,
with open(os.path.join(perf_dir, 'config.js'), 'w') as config_f:
def TestInit(perf_dir, system_title, test_title, symlink_list, endure=False):
for slink, target in symlink_list:
slink = os.path.join(perf_dir, slink)
# Remove the old symlinks first. Catch exceptions on the
# assumption that this is the first time and the symlink
# doesn't exist. If file already exist, delete them and
# recreate the symlink. If it's due to some other problem,
# the symlink creation afterwards will fail for us.
except EnvironmentError:
os.symlink(target, slink)
except OSError:
os.symlink(target, slink)
if endure:
WriteEndureJSConfigFile(perf_dir, system_title, test_title, symlink_list)
WriteJSConfigFile(perf_dir, system_title, test_title, symlink_list)
def RemovePath(path):
"""Remove the given path (file or dir)."""
if os.path.isdir(path):
shutil.rmtree(path, ignore_errors=True)
except OSError:
def main():
parser = optparse.OptionParser()
'-C', '--chrome', action='store_true',
help='Initializes perf directories for Chrome.')
'-E', '--endure', action='store_true',
help='Initializes perf directories for endure tests.')
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
# Find the script's directory and cd there.
main_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
system_titles = ChromeSystemTitles
elif options.endure:
system_titles = EndureSystemTitles
system_titles = SystemTitles
# Find all of the system directories.
for system_dir in os.listdir('.'):
# Skip the entry if it's not a directory or should be ignored.
if not os.path.isdir(system_dir) or system_dir not in system_titles:
os.chmod(system_dir, 0755)
system_title = system_titles[system_dir]
# Find all of the test directories.
for test_dir in os.listdir(system_dir):
# Skip the entry if it's not in our mapping of test titles.
if test_dir not in TestTitles:
test_title = TestTitles[test_dir]
perf_dir = os.path.join(system_dir, test_dir)
os.chmod(perf_dir, 0755)
TestInit(perf_dir, system_title, test_title, symlink_list, options.endure)
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':