Revert "Prolog rules for branch ownership"

This reverts commit eac7afa843fe2d48469a4a6ea7268e7d4ad01eaa.

Reason for revert: this CL removes every label, oops

Original change's description:
> Prolog rules for branch ownership
> This CL sets up the plumbing for branch ownership in Chrome OS via the
> Branch-Review label. This label is necessary to submit but only shows up
> on branches opted-in to branch review via the 'opt_in_branch_review'
> predicate. Any CL covered by the 'opt_out_branch_review' predicate will
> be excluded from branch review regardless of any opt_in predicates.
> BUG=chromium:987022
> TEST=Tested in general-sandbox repository in
> Change-Id: I107fff7e9d42f47663fbb0435f5bcf538ab25474
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> Tested-by: Chris McDonald <>
> Reviewed-by: Aaron Gable <>,,,

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Bug: chromium:987022
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