Revert "code-owners: allow bypassing for non-Googler rebases"

This reverts commit f6c511f1c614f7e4680b153f841a59ce47e2a7ab.

Reason for revert: The code-owners author explained that this is
not actually a config option, but a global capability that is managed
in All-Projects.  So let's move setup there.

Original change's description:
> code-owners: allow bypassing for non-Googler rebases
> Bug: b/285468101
> Change-Id: I15aa0cc8d3ced920a35198f4b9b2e54c3795450d
> Reviewed-on:
> Reviewed-by: George Engelbrecht <>

Bug: b/285468101
Change-Id: If38bd41c3823a6664a42f7becf078d6be763a086
Reviewed-by: George Engelbrecht <>
diff --git a/code-owners.config b/code-owners.config
index ff06e58..8c27755 100644
--- a/code-owners.config
+++ b/code-owners.config
@@ -4,6 +4,3 @@
 	disabledBranch = ^refs/heads/factory-.*$
 	enableCodeOwnerConfigFilesWithFileExtensions = true
 	enableStickyApprovals = true
-	# We use owners files that only Googlers have access to, so allow
-	# non-Googlers to bypass the check when e.g. rebasing.  b/285468101
-	canSkipCodeOwnerConfigValidation = true