Chromium OS Build Tools
  1. 35967de  paygen: Unless told otherwise, use au generator version 6351.0.0 for testing. by Gabe Black - 8 hours ago master stabilize-6919.B
  2. 32aec7b  cbuildbot: split out dedicated paygen builder by Mike Frysinger - 13 hours ago
  3. 21ec738  binhost: Consistently pass in lists to FetchCompatIds function. by David James - 14 hours ago
  4. 570dc91  cros_compute: Add a config to aid in testing changes to cros_compute. by Prathmesh Prabhu - 14 hours ago
  5. 2d47afa  sync_chrome: Don't sync twice when run with --reset. by David James - 16 hours ago
  6. 046183f  chromite: GCE sends email using Gmail API. by Fang Deng - 16 hours ago
  7. bf8ca30  Workaround portage cache parallelism bug. by David James - 16 hours ago
  8. 26ddf30  Make the master check its own status before pushing. by David James - 16 hours ago
  9. 9944959  git: Fix lint errors in by Don Garrett - 16 hours ago
  10. f1943d7  cros package: --enable now takes @has-latest and @only-latest. by Gilad Arnold - 16 hours ago
  11. 9d59923  brillo sdk: Rearrange class slightly. by Don Garrett - 16 hours ago
  12. bd795f3  branch_stages: Specify non-branchable projects explicitly. by Prathmesh Prabhu - 16 hours ago
  13. b7b0139  chromite: Fix misc lint errors in chromite/lib. by Don Garrett - 16 hours ago
  14. 7165dce  Set log level for binhost-test to debug. by David James - 20 hours ago
  15. 0a67d1e  Treat errors as fatal in BinhostTest. by David James - 20 hours ago
  16. 7d66e23  cros_sysroot_utils: Generate a sysroot config. by Bertrand SIMONNET - 20 hours ago
  17. 2e95c6d  cq_stats: fix Submitted/Rejected column switcheroo by Aviv Keshet - 21 hours ago
  18. 5990042  logging: Use cros_logging instead of cros_build_lib.Error by Ralph Nathan - 22 hours ago
  19. 58b3bb6  cbuildbot: split out sdk builder logic by Mike Frysinger - 22 hours ago
  20. 1bbac63  appengine: Update GoogleSDK version. by Prathmesh Prabhu - 22 hours ago