1. b51a15e  [chromite] Enable HWTest for peach_pit and wolf on CQ. by Alex Miller - 2 days ago master
  2. 4eedd6a assert that no child config has a child by Aviv Keshet - 2 days ago
  3. 386914c  Default to parallel=False, since parallel=True uses way more memory. by David James - 2 days ago
  4. deb066a  Record what patches were picked up in the pre-cq. by David James - 2 days ago
  5. 522c810  lkgm_manager: add more information of patches in the manifest by Yu-Ju Hong - 2 days ago
  6. 846db62  Add testing of chrome_sdk to chrome_pfq. by David James - 2 days ago
  7. b4d88c7  Update cros_chrome_sdk unittests to reflect recent CLs. by David James - 2 days ago
  8. bd0fcbd  Read CQ failure reasons from spreadsheet in --cl-actions. by David James - 3 days ago
  9. 55cdc94  Don't print the list of configs if one is misspecfied. by Chris Sosa - 3 days ago
  10. 073c971  cros flash: uses the new xbuddy_translate rpc to retrieve image path by Yu-Ju Hong - 3 days ago factory-nyan-5772.B
  11. aaa614c  Autoupdate goma, even if it's already running. by David James - 3 days ago
  12. 434a97b  Take Goma out of the path, and instead use the gomadir gyp define. by David James - 3 days ago
  13. 1400f09  Use outside-chroot version of goma instead of the inside-chroot version. by David James - 3 days ago
  14. 26d5eee  Fix CommitQueueCompletion exception handling by Yu-Ju Hong - 3 days ago
  15. c1cc0ec  dump build configs to json file in preupload hook by Aviv Keshet - 4 days ago firmware-nyan-5771.B
  16. c62f681  Fixed portage_utililites unit tests by Alex Vakulenko - 4 days ago
  17. e86a6fc  Rework uploading to multiple buckets. by Simran Basi - 4 days ago
  18. cb92ea7  Allow CommitQueueCompletion stage to pass with warning by Yu-Ju Hong - 4 days ago
  19. f0b52bd  cbuildbot: run sdk package creation as root by Mike Frysinger - 4 days ago
  20. 7bc3f7e  licensing: support per package build time licensing generation. by Marc MERLIN - 4 days ago