Chromium OS Build Tools
  1. 9018b45  List builders again when launching tryjobs. by David James - 27 hours ago master
  2. fb658b1  chromeos_config: add x86-generic_freon builder by Haixia Shi - 2 days ago
  3. d2e6bdf  cbuildbot: Add GERRIT instance constants to SiteConfig by Matthew Sartori - 2 days ago
  4. 9a61e79  pinchrome: Update kwargs for git. by Prathmesh Prabhu - 2 days ago
  5. 93c514e  Mark the tricky-chrome-pfq builder as important. by J. Richard Barnette - 2 days ago
  6. 35aa0fd  tree_status.ConstructDashboardURL: Fix un-updated callers. by Don Garrett - 3 days ago
  7. df80c23  Revert "validation_pool: Batched git push" by Paul Hobbs - 3 days ago
  8. 764a094  validation_pool: Batched git push by Paul Hobbs - 4 days ago
  9. 182a821  Revert "cbuildbot_run: Add logging to GetCIDBHandle()." by Aviv Keshet - 4 days ago
  10. 0bc7f12  cbuildbot: Suppress "no patches" warning with --list flag. by Prathmesh Prabhu - 4 days ago
  11. d67cec6  chromeos_config: Mark veyron_minnie-chromium-pfq important. by Prathmesh Prabhu - 4 days ago
  12. ad1189d  chromeos_config: Re-add "auron-b" to waterfall. by Dan Jacques - 6 days ago
  13. 39f1ca1  cros flash: Add recovery image example. by Don Garrett - 7 days ago
  14. 6b5cc48  chromeos_config: add celes builder config by Bernie Thompson - 7 days ago
  15. a117d33  chromeos_config: add wizpig builder config by Bernie Thompson - 7 days ago
  16. ef06d24  chromeos_config: add kunimitsu build config and build group by Bernie Thompson - 7 days ago
  17. 8a7fdf6  cbuildbot: refactor, and by Shuqian Zhao - 7 days ago
  18. 8d3c91c  Use different pool for AFDO profile collection by Luis Lozano - 8 days ago
  19. 0bc8567  Revert "Revert "cbuildbot: Remove --pre-cq."" by Don Garrett - 8 days ago
  20. 8385ac3  Revert "Revert "cbuildbot_run: Use BUILDBOT_BUILDBOTURL to find waterfall URL."" by Don Garrett - 8 days ago