Chromium OS Build Tools

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  1. eb62387 commands: BuildRootGitCleanup ignore ref deletion error. by Don Garrett · 40 minutes ago master
  2. 62eccef Fix dryrun setting for PostSlaveBuildToBuildbucket. by Ningning Xia · 2 hours ago
  3. 4dfb902 Schedule external slave builds via buildbucket for paladin. by Ningning Xia · 3 hours ago
  4. 27e5923 Update config settings by config-updater. by chrome-bot · 6 hours ago
  5. 368c3e5 Add --gn-args parameter to deploy_chrome for future use by by Steven Bennetts · 11 hours ago
  6. f9fd92d SimpleChrome: deploy_chrome: Make libwidevine optional by Steven Bennetts · 12 hours ago
  7. c1c9226 Send PUT request for each CQ slave builder to buildbucket. by Ningning Xia · 30 hours ago
  8. 95d596b cbuildbot: Handle stage failures while skipping / waiting uniformly. by Prathmesh Prabhu · 30 hours ago
  9. ae0e795 Disable vmtests for buddy by Bernie Thompson · 30 hours ago
  10. 4a6b53c cros_chrome_sdk: Elim no longer needed (and incorrect) USE parsing by Steven Bennetts · 31 hours ago
  11. c6a67da lint: handle more section typos by Mike Frysinger · 3 days ago
  12. f794650 lint: fix section header detection to avoid arguments by Mike Frysinger · 3 days ago
  13. 2c78dc5 chromeos_config: Add remove_images. by Don Garrett · 4 days ago
  14. d00c64c config_lib: Assert if duplicate configs added. by Don Garrett · 4 days ago
  15. 2d823fa chromeos_config: Discover IS_RELEASE_CHANNEL. by Don Garrett · 4 days ago
  16. b8c1ddd chromeos_config: Use an instance of HWTestList. by Don Garrett · 4 days ago
  17. 87276d1 chromeos_config: Move per-board configs into new method. by Don Garrett · 4 days ago
  18. 4c4dc42 chromeos_config: Move toolchain configs to new method. by Don Garrett · 4 days ago
  19. c982340 Disable VMTests for systems inheriting cheets by Bernie Thompson · 4 days ago
  20. a1476aa chromeos_config: temporarily mark guado_moblab-paladin experimental by Aviv Keshet · 4 days ago