Chromium OS Build Tools

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  1. 8970c0d Make gale board non-experimental in builder config by philipchen · 13 hours ago master
  2. 7af5718 Add config-updater config. by Ningning Xia · 13 hours ago
  3. 09d9c25 Fix gclient test expectations for Manged: True change by Steven Bennetts · 25 hours ago
  4. 7116224 gclient wrapper: Add --managed flag by Steven Bennetts · 27 hours ago
  5. 76d25be Add retries to run_suite create command by Fang Deng · 3 days ago stabilize-8516.B
  6. fb9ce3a Roll ADB with the system image. by Hidehiko Abe · 3 days ago
  7. a4764ae [cbuildbot] Make toolchain bots run their tests synchronously. by Caroline Tice · 3 days ago
  8. 6bf1e70 chromeos_config: Add aosp to EXTERNAL_REMOTES list. by Don Garrett · 6 days ago
  9. bf2a13e cros build: Add --test option. by Don Garrett · 6 days ago
  10. 236b5c8 generic_stages: report stage duration as a monarch stat by Aviv Keshet · 6 days ago
  11. aafac77 metrics: move metric names to constants; add new metric handle type by Aviv Keshet · 6 days ago
  12. dab9b2d third_party: give chromite it's own copy of oauth2client 1.5.2 by Aviv Keshet · 6 days ago prod
  13. 5b4d247 cros stats: Run this command inside the chroot. by Don Garrett · 6 days ago
  14. d210c08 CleanUpStage: add logging by Aviv Keshet · 6 days ago
  15. 61fb5ca metrics: add support for String, Boolean, and Float metrics by Aviv Keshet · 7 days ago
  16. f68e994 metrics: create a more convenient wrapper around ts_mon by Aviv Keshet · 8 days ago
  17. 9abc703 Add UprevvedChrome flag in metadata.json for Chrome PFQ. by Ningning Xia · 8 days ago
  18. 8c6708f Add gn for all informational configs by Steven Bennetts · 8 days ago
  19. 8c1b19c GN: simple chrome should not use EBUILD_CFLAGS/EBUILD_CXXFLAGS by Luis Lozano · 9 days ago
  20. 3ebb69a Use gn instead of GYP in SimpleChrome stage (take 2) by Steven Bennetts · 9 days ago