Chromium OS Build Tools

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  1. 1848345 Revert "chromeos_config: Use latest toolchain in lakitu_next" by Ke Wu · 22 hours ago master prod-next
  2. 2304cac AutoFDO: moving profile selection to board overlays by Ting-Yuan Huang · 26 hours ago
  3. ef1ada9 Add a whitelist to not to rename some artifacts. by Yūki Ishii · 2 days ago
  4. b915dad cros_chrome_sdk: Comment for _GetFullVersionFromStorage. by Achuith Bhandarkar · 2 days ago prod
  5. 8b2b38b cbuildbot: SDK Test - copy all host packages to new pkgdir. by Manoj Gupta · 2 days ago
  6. a46a525 chrome_committer: Add the WATCHLISTS file to the sparse checkout. by Benjamin Pastene · 2 days ago
  7. 63c1da6 chromite: Add deploy_appengine scripts for common use. by Xixuan Wu · 2 days ago
  8. 328ec4e cros_chrome_sdk: Don't retry if gsutil cat fails. by Achuith Bhandarkar · 2 days ago
  9. 55fae2f completion_stages: Check for validation pool before using by Benjamin Gordon · 3 days ago
  10. 599f39d Revert "VMTestConfig: option to forgive in VMTest." by Ilja H. Friedel · 3 days ago
  11. 8000e1d Revert " forgive tests if flag is set." by Ilja H. Friedel · 3 days ago
  12. c147ffa forgive tests if flag is set. by Po-Hsien Wang · 3 days ago
  13. 44985f0 VMTestConfig: option to forgive in VMTest. by Po-Hsien Wang · 3 days ago
  14. 3d8009e cros_chrome_sdk: Fix version. by Achuith Bhandarkar · 3 days ago
  15. 0e6f95c chromeos_config: Mark terra-paladin important. by Don Garrett · 3 days ago
  16. 4e29b62 cros_sdk: Resolve the tarball URL only if --download is specified. by Yong Hong · 4 days ago
  17. 84ba917 cros_sdk: Add a non-interactive mode friendly flag `--working-dir`. by Yong Hong · 4 days ago
  18. 1088b96 nami: add additional sign_type by YH Lin · 4 days ago
  19. 0847095 caroline-arcnext: mark CQ/PFQs bvt-arc important. by Ilja H. Friedel · 4 days ago
  20. 1efee2d chromeos_config: Record builders moved to Legoland. by Don Garrett · 4 days ago