Chromium OS Build Tools

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  1. 2125f74 Remove unused by Allen Li · 16 hours ago master prod-next
  2. cfeed9f test_builders: Add debugStage to VMInformationalBuilder by Po-Hsien Wang · 16 hours ago
  3. 73e1ce3 Fix som_alerts_dispatcher symlink by Allen Li · 16 hours ago
  4. 6fc8590 [unibuild] Per model control of CQ hw tests by C Shapiro · 25 hours ago
  5. 14e5398 parallel_emerge: Work around Portage library bug with usepkg by Jason D. Clinton · 2 days ago prod
  6. 05b6668 cros tryjob: Add additional build options. by Don Garrett · 2 days ago
  7. 9e5f9f6 commandline: Add append_option, and append_option_value. by Don Garrett · 2 days ago
  8. df524b5 Include glibc in standalone chromiumos-sdk tarball by Yunlian Jiang · 2 days ago
  9. 9ec40db cros_test_lib: Fix progress bar test flake. by Don Garrett · 2 days ago
  10. 1e429f9 chromeos_config: Reduce build health emails. by Don Garrett · 2 days ago
  11. 058f9e2 Use tiger instead of cyan for MNC pre-flight builder by Bernie Thompson · 2 days ago
  12. 52e5c71 Update config settings by config-updater. by chrome-bot · 2 days ago
  13. a69561f Add metrics reporting to the workqueue server code. by Richard Barnette · 2 days ago
  14. 8b1bd82 cbuildbot: drop support for rietveld by Mike Frysinger · 2 days ago
  15. abb3e37 cros_sdk: Switch chroot image maintenance to python by Benjamin Gordon · 2 days ago
  16. 9333ce6 metrics: Add "record_on_exception" flag to MetricsTimer by Paul Hobbs · 3 days ago
  17. 8557a29 cros_generate_sysroot: update help strings by Mike Frysinger · 3 days ago
  18. 954e435 chromeos_config: Add accelerator template by Pat Erley · 3 days ago
  19. adb72c4 Set GOMA_CACHE_DIR and GOMA_DEPS_CACHE_FILE. by Hidehiko Abe · 3 days ago
  20. dad205df commandline: promote "split_extend" as a common action by Mike Frysinger · 3 days ago