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  3. gen_project
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ChromeOS Project Admin Tools

This directory contains tools used by admin users to create and manage programs and projects. Regular users should not need to use these tools.

The tools in this directory include (described in more detail below):

  • create_partner_repo: This script does the heavy lifting in creating new programs and projects. It creates the repos, sets ACLs, makes necessary manifest changes, etc.
  • gen_project: This script puts the basic skeleton of files and symlinks in place when starting a new program and project. It is intended to bootstrap the process and lay things out in an idiomatic way.


The script creates partner program or project git repos, gerrit groups, and applies ACLs to both the repos and groups. The script is idempotent and can be re-run as many times as you wish:

  • The Gerrit Rest and gob-ctl apis check if repo and gerrit groups exist.
  • ACLs can be re-applied without any side affects.
  • Creation of local_manifest step will be skipped if one already exists.
  • Creation and ACL setting on already existing gs buckets is a noop.

Requirements :

  1. The script runner needs to be added to group mdb/chrome-git-admins. Request to be added should go to mdb/chrome-git-admins-ninja.
  2. The script runner needs to get added to the gerrit group chromeos-partner-admins. Request to be added can be made to any member of chromeos-partner-admins.
  3. Install jq for json file parsing.
    $ sudo apt-get install jq

How to run the script

For a new program, manually create a {program}_local_manifest.xml file and commit to this script's directory. That local_manifest with get copied to all project repos in the program.

To add resources for a program
$ ./create_partner_repo --program programName

To add resource for a project
$ ./create_partner_repo --program programName --project projectName

To apply ACLs to project's committer and access groups (--project is optional)
$ ./create_partner_repo --program programName --project projectName --run acls

To create and apply default permissions to gerrit groups (--project is optional)
$ ./create_partner_repo --program programName --project projectName --run gerritgroups

To add a local_manifest.xml into the project repo
$ ./create_partner_repo --program programName --project projectName --run localmanifest

To create gs buckets and assign ACLs to them
$ ./create_partner_repo --program programName --project projectName --run createprojectbuckets