Kokoro presubmit testing, signing, and releasing

Kokoro is a Google-internal continuous integration service, and is used extensively for building, signing, testing, and releasing container images and guest packages.

crostini-guest flow

Kokoro configs are split into two pieces: jobs and builds. The jobs are held in crostini-guest, and the build configs are in the container-guest-tools repository under kokoro. Build configs are reused across different jobs, e.g. the apt_repo build is used in both the continuous and presubmit job flows. However, the presubmit job flow bypasses the apt_signer build, and does not publish artifacts to Google Storage buckets.

Kokoro guest flow

Branches (continuous jobs)

Both the Termina VM and container-guest-tools .deb packages are branched to match Chrome OS milestones. So for the above continuous flow, there are job instances for each active (stable, beta, dev, canary) branch. See the detailed configs in crostini-guest. As an example, with 71 on stable and 74 in canary:

Kokoro jobMilestoneChrome OS Branch

The artifacts for each branch will be pushed to a subdirectory on the target Google Storage bucket. Prebuilt containers are pushed to gs://cros-containers-staging/milestone, and apt repos are pushed to gs://cros-packages-staging/milestone.

Future improvements

Push from staging to the live buckets gs://cros-containers and gs://cros-packages based on the Tast test results.

Presubmit jobs

The presubmit flow only runs on the master branch. Note that there are both a presubmit and presubmit-cr jobs - the former runs for Trybot-Ready +1, and the latter on Code-Review +2 on Gerrit.


Some tests are run directly in Kokoro by verifying that the guest container starts up as expected. These tests are in lxd/test.py.

Testing in a live environment on a DUT is done with Tast. Most of those tests, including the performance tests and vm.CrostiniStartEverything, run using the staging version of the container. A staging version of the VM is also used, which is stored in gs://termina-component-testing. When Stainless shows green test results, the Termina VM, staging container image, and staging apt packages can be rolled out to the production buckets.

Future improvements

  • Separate Tast tests into bvt-cq (production container and VM) and pfq (staging container and VM).
  • Build VMs on Kokoro and push them to the testing bucket automatically. These are currently pushed manually.
  • Release VMs automatically based on Tast test results, instead of using the release dashboard.