Share fonts from ChromiumOS to the GuestOS

We want the GuestOS to have access to the same fonts as ChromeOS,
after the font directory has been mounted to /mnt/chromeos/fonts, the
search directories for available fonts needs to see the above directory.

This is done through the installation of a Debian package which will
move a config file to /etc/fonts/conf.d that will specify a new path.

TEST=create deb package using bazel, sudo apt-install and check
fc-list available fonts

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  2. cros-apt-config/
  3. cros-debs/
  4. cros-garcon/
  5. cros-gpu-alpha/
  6. cros-gpu-buster/
  7. cros-gpu-stretch/
  8. cros-guest-tools/
  9. cros-host-fonts/
  10. cros-notificationd/
  11. cros-pulse-config/
  12. cros-sftp/
  13. cros-sommelier/
  14. cros-sommelier-config/
  15. cros-sudo-config/
  16. cros-systemd-overrides/
  17. cros-tast-tests/
  18. cros-ui-config/
  19. cros-wayland/
  20. docs/
  21. kokoro/
  22. lxd/
  23. mesa/
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  28. OWNERS
  29. PRESUBMIT.cfg



These are the guest packages for setting up a container to integrate with Chrome OS. This includes build scripts that are run in Google's internal continuous integration service.


The guest packages can be built with Bazel.

bazel build //cros-debs:debs --host_force_python=py2


promote\ MILESTONE and promote\ MILESTONE in scripts are used to promote containers from staging to live. NOTE: Whatever is the latest in staging is what gets promoted to live so make sure it's what was tested.