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set -ex
# Move docker on kokoro to use the scratch /tmpfs space.
setup_docker() {
sudo stop docker
sudo mv /var/lib/docker /tmpfs/
sudo ln -s /tmpfs/docker /var/lib/docker
sudo start docker
main() {
if [ -z "${KOKORO_ARTIFACTS_DIR}" ]; then
echo "This script must be run in kokoro"
exit 1
local src_root="${KOKORO_ARTIFACTS_DIR}"/git/xwl
local result_dir="${src_root}"/results
mkdir -p "${result_dir}"
cd "${src_root}"
local image_name=xwl-build-stretch
docker build "${src_root}/kokoro" -t "${image_name}"
docker run --volume "${src_root}:/src:rw" \
--user="$(id -u)" \
# Copy resulting debs to results directory.
cp *.deb "${result_dir}"
main "$@"