Various Chromium OS docs written in markdown with no other home!

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Chromium OS docs

This directory contains public Chromium OS project documentation that is automatically rendered by Gitiles. The docs are written in Gitiles-flavored Markdown.

General guidelines

See the Chromium documentation guidelines and Chromium documentation best practices.

Style guide

Markdown documents must follow the style guide.

Making changes

This repository is managed by the repo tool, so you can make changes to it using the same techniques that you'd use for any other repositories in the project.

See the Contributing guide for more details.

Making changes without repo

You can also make changes to this repository without using the repo tool. This comes in handy when you don't have a Chromium OS checkout:

git clone
cd docs
curl -Lo .git/hooks/commit-msg
chmod +x .git/hooks/commit-msg
git checkout -b changes
(make some changes)
git commit -a
git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master

The above steps will upload a patch to where you can get your patch reviewed, and submit.

Previewing changes

You can preview your local changes using scripts/preview_docs which utilizes Gerrit sandbox branches:


You can also use md_browser, which is entirely local and does not require refs/sandbox/ push permission, but has somewhat inaccurate rendering:

# at top of Chromium OS checkout
./src/chromium/src/tools/md_browser/ -d docs

Then browse to e.g. http://localhost:8080/

To review someone else's changes, apply them locally first, or just click the gitiles link near the top of a Gerrit file diff page.