Linux Signal Table

These are the signal numbers and their corresponding symbolic names.

While some architectures/ABIs have different number<->symbol mappings, they're equivalent on x86 (32-bit & 64-bit) and arm (32-bit & 64-bit).

For more details on signals in general, see the signal(7) man page.

Real-time Signals

The SIGRTMIN & SIGRTMAX values listed below are technically dynamic. Implementations (e.g. glibc) are allowed to reserve things internally from the user's program. The constants listed below reflect the most common scenarios people see, especially since real-time signal usage is not that common. Keep this in mind if you see signal usage in that range.

For more in-depth details, see the Real-time signals chapter in the signal(7) man page.


40x04SIGILLIllegal instruction
50x05SIGTRAPTrace/breakpoint trap
60x06SIGIOT(Same value as SIGABRT) Aborted
70x07SIGBUSBus error
80x08SIGFPEFloating point exception
100x0aSIGUSR1User defined signal 1
110x0bSIGSEGVSegmentation fault
120x0cSIGUSR2User defined signal 2
130x0dSIGPIPEBroken pipe
140x0eSIGALRMAlarm clock
160x10SIGSTKFLTStack fault
170x11SIGCHLDChild exited
170x11SIGCLD(Same value as SIGCHLD) Child exited
190x13SIGSTOPStopped (signal)
210x15SIGTTINStopped (tty input)
220x16SIGTTOUStopped (tty output)
230x17SIGURGUrgent I/O condition
240x18SIGXCPUCPU time limit exceeded
250x19SIGXFSZFile size limit exceeded
260x1aSIGVTALRMVirtual timer expired
270x1bSIGPROFProfiling timer expired
280x1cSIGWINCHWindow changed
290x1dSIGPOLLI/O possible
290x1dSIGIO(Same value as SIGPOLL) I/O possible
300x1eSIGPWRPower failure
310x1fSIGSYSBad system call
320x20SIGRTMIN-2Real-time signal reserved by the C library for NPTL; see signal(7)
330x21SIGRTMIN-1Real-time signal reserved by the C library for NPTL; see signal(7)
340x22SIGRTMINReal-time signal 0
350x23SIGRTMIN+1Real-time signal 1
360x24SIGRTMIN+2Real-time signal 2
370x25SIGRTMIN+3Real-time signal 3
380x26SIGRTMIN+4Real-time signal 4
390x27SIGRTMIN+5Real-time signal 5
400x28SIGRTMIN+6Real-time signal 6
410x29SIGRTMIN+7Real-time signal 7
420x2aSIGRTMIN+8Real-time signal 8
430x2bSIGRTMIN+9Real-time signal 9
440x2cSIGRTMIN+10Real-time signal 10
450x2dSIGRTMIN+11Real-time signal 11
460x2eSIGRTMIN+12Real-time signal 12
470x2fSIGRTMIN+13Real-time signal 13
480x30SIGRTMIN+14Real-time signal 14
490x31SIGRTMIN+15Real-time signal 15
500x32SIGRTMAX-14Real-time signal 16
510x33SIGRTMAX-13Real-time signal 17
520x34SIGRTMAX-12Real-time signal 18
530x35SIGRTMAX-11Real-time signal 19
540x36SIGRTMAX-10Real-time signal 20
550x37SIGRTMAX-9Real-time signal 21
560x38SIGRTMAX-8Real-time signal 22
570x39SIGRTMAX-7Real-time signal 23
580x3aSIGRTMAX-6Real-time signal 24
590x3bSIGRTMAX-5Real-time signal 25
600x3cSIGRTMAX-4Real-time signal 26
610x3dSIGRTMAX-3Real-time signal 27
620x3eSIGRTMAX-2Real-time signal 28
630x3fSIGRTMAX-1Real-time signal 29
640x40SIGRTMAXReal-time signal 30