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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""The module for generating the result file."""
import csv
import graphyte_common # pylint: disable=unused-import
from graphyte import testplan
from graphyte.utils.graphyte_utils import IsInBound
from graphyte.utils.graphyte_utils import PrepareOutputFile
class ResultWriter(object):
CSV_HEADER = ['test_item', 'power_level', 'result_name',
'lower_bound', 'upper_bound', 'result', 'pass_or_fail']
def __init__(self, result_file):
result_file = PrepareOutputFile(result_file)
self.fout = open(result_file, 'w')
self.csv_writer = csv.DictWriter(self.fout, self.CSV_HEADER)
def Close(self):
if self.fout is not None:
self.fout = None
def WriteResult(self, test_case, result):
"""Writes the test result to csv file.
For the multi-antenna case, we record the result of each antenna separately.
Then the result value is a number, not a dictionary.
For example:
test_case: "WLAN TX ANTENNA-01"
result: {"avg_power" : {0: 10.4, 1:11.2}}
Then we will output two lines which test_name, result_name and value are:
"WLAN TX ANTENNA-01-0", "avg_power", 10.4
"WLAN TX ANTENNA-01-1", "avg_power", 11.2
if 'chain_mask' not in test_case.args:
self._WriteResult(test_case, result)
else: # Multi-antenna case
for antenna_idx in testplan.ChainMaskToList(test_case.args['chain_mask']):
# Create a new test case which name indicates the antenna.
new_test_case = test_case.Copy() = '%s-%s' % (, antenna_idx)
# Extract the result for this antenna.
new_result = {}
for result_name in test_case.result_limit:
if result_name not in result:
if isinstance(result[result_name], dict):
new_result[result_name] = result[result_name].get(
antenna_idx, 'None')
new_result[result_name] = result[result_name]
self._WriteResult(new_test_case, new_result)
def _WriteResult(self, test_case, result):
for result_name, bound in test_case.result_limit.items():
value = result.get(result_name, 'None')
data = {
'power_level': test_case.args.get('power_level'),
'result_name': result_name,
'lower_bound': str(bound[0]),
'upper_bound': str(bound[1]),
'result': value,
'pass_or_fail': PassString(IsInBound(value, bound))}
def WriteTotalResult(self, all_tests_pass):
data = {
'test_item': 'TOTAL RESULT',
'pass_or_fail': PassString(all_tests_pass)}
def PassString(result):
return 'PASS' if result else 'FAIL'