graphyte: more debug log

In CallOutput(), no exception is thrown if the command is not executed
successfully. Ideally, the caller should be aware that the return value
might be None if something goes wrong, but some may not ne aware of this.
To make debugging more easily, a debug log is recorded. Debugger can
run in verbose mode to see the error log in the console.

TEST=manually test

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Google Radio Phy Test Framework


Graphyte (Google RAdio PHY TEst) is a Python based software framework for the calibration and verification of wireless connectivity radios in design and manufacturing. It is designed with an open, extensible architecture enabling wireless silicon and instrumentation vendors to develop their own plugins for PHY calibration and verification. The initial focus is on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with 802.15.4 on the horizon.

Please refer to the user manual for more details.


No build step is required.


Two options:

$ (sudo) make install


$ (sudo) pip install .


$ (sudo) pip uninstall graphyte


  1. Create a tarball by: make dist The tarball can be found under the folder ‘dist’

  2. Copy the tarball to target machine

  3. Extract the tarball

  4. Inside the extracted folder, type the command to install:

     $ (sudo) pip install

User manual

Please find the user manual here for more details.