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  1. 35e8b6a branch_util: remove non-inclusive language from test and repo harness by Julio Hurtado · 8 hours ago master
  2. 56f4114 remove non-inclusive terms from cycler BUG=1119122 TEST=None by Na Wei · 5 days ago
  3. ee68a4c branch_util: Tightened rules for branch collisions by Julio Hurtado · 13 days ago
  4. 7eb30d9 branch_util: fail branching if collisions on major version by Julio Hurtado · 2 weeks ago
  5. 9459926 branch_util: Omit branch suffix for branches with multiple manifest entries by Julio Hurtado · 3 weeks ago
  6. 294023a test_plan_generator: use new source rules schema and features by Sean Abraham · 3 weeks ago
  7. 37b5462 generator: remove "disable non Tast" code path by Sean Abraham · 4 weeks ago
  8. 6a7bd57 go.mod: update proto dep; stop using now-deleted fields in code by Sean Abraham · 4 weeks ago
  9. a0795e2 generator: add support for oneof test groups by Sean Abraham · 4 weeks ago
  10. 40c0f87 generator: remove unused test types by Sean Abraham · 4 weeks ago
  11. 5204d47 suite_sort: add a file for sorting test suites by Sean Abraham · 4 weeks ago
  12. b42b5e3 test_plan_generator: allow local override of config dir by Sean Abraham · 4 weeks ago
  13. 12d791e build_plan: Don't run builds if no files found for input changes. by Navil Perez · 5 weeks ago
  14. 527608c build_plan: Use SlimBuildCfg to determine slim-eligible file patterns. by Navil Perez · 6 weeks ago
  15. e022efd Switch config lookups for build plans configs to buildplanconfig. by David Burger · 6 weeks ago
  16. 1cb8e34 build_plan: allow slim only in staging for kernel 4.14 branch. by Navil Perez · 7 weeks ago
  17. d9a60ae build_plan: Create struct for CheckBuilder args. by Navil Perez · 7 weeks ago
  18. aa94d65 build_planner: Add slim version of eligible CQ builders to buildsToRun. by Navil Perez · 7 weeks ago
  19. 234f073 branch_util: lower the gerrit_write_qps limit even more by Sean Abraham · 9 weeks ago
  20. f32a1cd Use gitiles_commit in go binaries rather than manifest commit. by Navil Perez · 3 months ago