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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import (
cycler_pb ""
// Policy defines a policy document, settings, and runtime information.
type Policy struct {
// The policy effect configuration (contains effect_configuration).
Config *cycler_pb.PolicyEffectConfiguration `json:"PolicyEffectConfiguration"`
// We must be explicitly allowed to mutate after policy determinations.
MutationAllowed bool `json:"MutationAllowed"`
// Because it's low in runtime cost, and we're touching the objects
// regardless, also update an instance of Stats.
PrefixStats *Stats `json:"PrefixStats"`
// Make stats for all the objects we act on as well ('as' -> actionStats).
ActionStats *Stats `json:"ActionStats"`
// The effect we've configured.
Effect effects.Effect `json:"Effect"` // effect.effectEffect(effect, effect, ...) ;)
// This run's uuid, passed by the initilizer.
RunUUID string `json:"RunUUID"`
// The rego context object to build.
r *rego.Rego
// The prepared (via init()) query to run on the submitted objects.
q *rego.PreparedEvalQuery
// The compiled regex to apply to each prefix.
prefixRegexp *regexp.Regexp
// gcp client, set on init.
client *storage.Client
// json document log sink (all json is single line per channel send).
logSink chan []byte
// PolicyResult is the closure of inputs and outputs for a policy, taken
// together and usually printed or sent to a log.
type PolicyResult struct {
InputObject map[string]interface{} `json:"InputObject"`
ResultSet *rego.ResultSet `json:"ResultSet"`
ActionTime time.Time `json:"ActionTime"`
// init takes a json document configuration and sets up the effect.
func (ap *Policy) init(ctx context.Context, client *storage.Client,
logSink chan []byte, config *cycler_pb.PolicyEffectConfiguration,
statsConfig *cycler_pb.StatsConfiguration, cmdMutationAllowed bool,
runConfigMutationAllowed bool, runUUID string) {
// Set the UUID.
ap.RunUUID = runUUID
// Set the config.
ap.Config = config
// Set the GCP client.
ap.client = client
ap.logSink = logSink
// Set up our bucket stats config using unmarshalled config.
ap.PrefixStats = &Stats{}
ap.PrefixStats.init(ctx, statsConfig)
// Set up the prefix regex
if ap.Config.PrefixRegexp != "" {
ap.prefixRegexp = regexp.MustCompile(ap.Config.PrefixRegexp)
// Set up our action stats with the same config.
ap.ActionStats = &Stats{}
ap.ActionStats.init(ctx, statsConfig)
var protoConfig interface{}
switch effectType := ap.Config.EffectConfiguration.(type) {
case *cycler_pb.PolicyEffectConfiguration_Noop:
ap.Effect = &effects.NoopEffect{}
protoConfig = *ap.Config.GetNoop()
case *cycler_pb.PolicyEffectConfiguration_Duplicate:
ap.Effect = &effects.DuplicateEffect{}
protoConfig = *ap.Config.GetDuplicate()
case *cycler_pb.PolicyEffectConfiguration_Move:
ap.Effect = &effects.MoveEffect{}
protoConfig = *ap.Config.GetMove()
case *cycler_pb.PolicyEffectConfiguration_Chill:
ap.Effect = &effects.ChillEffect{}
protoConfig = *ap.Config.GetChill()
case *cycler_pb.PolicyEffectConfiguration_Delete:
ap.Effect = &effects.DeleteEffect{}
protoConfig = *ap.Config.GetDelete()
// Additional effects here.
// ...
case nil:
glog.Errorf("Effect configuration type not set: %v", effectType)
glog.Errorf("Effect configuration type not implemented: %v", effectType)
actor := ap.Effect.DefaultActor()
ap.Effect.Initialize(protoConfig, actor, runConfigMutationAllowed, cmdMutationAllowed)
// Parse the rego expression defined.
ap.r = rego.New(
rego.Load([]string{ap.Config.PolicyDocumentPath}, nil))
ap.q = prepareQuery(&ctx, ap.r)
// prepareQuery
func prepareQuery(ctx *context.Context, r *rego.Rego) *rego.PreparedEvalQuery {
q, err := r.PrepareForEval(*ctx)
if err != nil {
glog.Errorf("PolicyDocument query failed to prepare: %v\n", err)
return &q
func (ap *Policy) submitUnit(ctx context.Context, unit *AttrUnit) error {
// Just for convenience make a local here.
attr := unit.Attrs
glog.V(3).Infof("submited work unit: %+v\n", attr)
// Call the bucket stats module on each object...
if err := ap.PrefixStats.submitUnit(ctx, attr); err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("error in submitUnit: %v", err)
ageDays, err := AgeInDays(attr.Created)
if err != nil {
return err
// Construct this annotated attr with fields you might not have in attr.
annoAttr := map[string]interface{}{
"ageDays": ageDays,
"attr": attr,
// Execute the prepared query.
rs, err := ap.q.Eval(ctx, rego.EvalInput(annoAttr))
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("error in query evaluation: %v", err)
// There shouldn't be more than a single result.
if len(rs) > 1 {
// This is fatal and indicates an issue with the query.
return fmt.Errorf("query returned invalid number of values: %v", rs)
var act bool
if act, err = shouldAct(&rs); err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("shouldAct determination returned an error: %v", err)
if act {
// Do some effect here (e.g. move the object, archive it, delete it...).
res, err := ap.Effect.Enact(ctx, ap.client, attr)
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("error in Effect.Enact: %v", err)
} else if res.HasActed() {
glog.V(3).Infof("acted on: %+v\n%+v", rs, res)
// This is the set of information serialized to the log.
pres := PolicyResult{
InputObject: annoAttr,
ResultSet: &rs,
ActionTime: time.Now(),
jpres, err := json.Marshal(pres)
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("unable to marshall result set from rego: %v", err)
ap.logSink <- jpres
// Submit to the action stats histogram.
err = ap.ActionStats.submitUnit(ctx, attr)
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("error in submitUnit: %v", err)
} else {
return fmt.Errorf("matched but did not act on: %+v", err)
} else {
glog.V(3).Infof("did not act on: %+v\n%+v", rs, err)
return nil
// shouldAct looks into the resulting ResultSet for the act binding and tests
// if it resulted in 'true'. Passing a result set of length greater than one
// is an error. We will return the value of the bound variable 'act', if the
// binding is missing\unset we will return false.
func shouldAct(rs *rego.ResultSet) (bool, error) {
if len(*rs) != 1 {
return false, fmt.Errorf("bad resultset length: %v", len(*rs))
for _, v := range (*rs)[0].Expressions {
s, ok := v.Value.(map[string]interface{})
if !ok {
act, ok := s["act"].(bool)
if !ok {
return act, nil
return false, nil
func (ap *Policy) PrefixRegexp() *regexp.Regexp {
return ap.prefixRegexp
func (ap *Policy) close() error {
return nil
func (ap *Policy) jsonResult() ([]byte, error) {
return json.Marshal(ap)
func (ap *Policy) textResult() string {
s := "Policy Applications results:\n"
s += "All Objects Iterated Stats:\n"
s += ap.PrefixStats.textResult()
s += "\nActed Objects Stats:\n"
s += ap.ActionStats.textResult()
return s