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Chromium OS test running infrastructure.


The project provides two binaries.

lucifer_run_job runs a test job. It is intended to be run by a parent wrapper process. lucifer_run_job prints status update events to stdout, and the calling process should perform the necessary updates for the scheduling system in use (e.g. Autotest or Swarming).

skylab_swarming_worker is such a wrapper for Swarming.


Required tools

Install necessary tools:

sudo apt-get install go

Install go dep. Find the right binary for your system on the releases page and download it to somewhere on your path.

Common tasks

For all Go commands run for this project, you need to set GOPATH to the project root:

export GOPATH=$(pwd)

Install Lucifer dependency packages:

(cd src/lucifer && dep ensure)

To serve documentation:

godoc -port 5000

To build binaries:


To run unit tests:

make check

To run all tests, including slow and/or flaky tests:

make check_all

To check test coverage of a package:

scripts/check_coverage lucifer/event