api: sdk: Add unpin_sdk flag to Update

With pinned SDKs, we want to skip SDK update under all scenarios

1. The toolchain was changed, and therefore we need to test a new
2. We've specifically been asked to build SDK packages from source.
3. The builder is configured as a "SDK next" builder, in that, we want
   to continue to update_chroot on this builder to ensure new changes
   won't break the SDK builder.

This adds a flag which handles scenario #3.  The Build API logic on
the branch can then decide with these flags whether an update should
actually be conducted or not.


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infra/proto vs chromite/infra/proto

This repository exists in two locations in the tree: infra/proto, and chromite/infra/proto. The infra/proto repository is always at ToT, while the chromite/infra/proto checkout is branched to allow the proto there to (more) accurately reflect the version of the proto the Build API is using.

When making changes to the proto that you need to test in the Build API, you will need ensure the changes are applied to the chromite/infra/proto checkout. Chromite generates its proto bindings from the chromite/infra/proto repo.