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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto3";
import "google/protobuf/timestamp.proto";
option go_package = "";
// TestPlanRun represents the test request defined by users and its running
// status.
message TestPlanRun {
// A unique name to identify this test plan run, format
// "testPlanRuns/CTP_BUILD_ID/REQ_KEY", where REQ_KEY is the CTP
// request’s key in the multiple-request,
// e.g. "testPlanRuns/8879199769272202448/octopus_ampton"
// Required field.
string uid = 1;
// CTP build ID.
int64 build_id = 2;
// Suite name. If the test plan is running an autotest suite,
// this field is the autotest suite name, e.g. wifi_interop.
string suite = 3;
// Human friendly url to access this run.
string execution_url = 4;
// The dut_pool in which the test plan ran, e.g. "DUT_POOL_QUOTA" or
// "wificell".
// It is case sensitive: "WIFICELL" and "wificell" represent different
// pools.
// Note that legacy pools "suites", "bvt" and "pcq" have been integrated
// into "DUT_POOL_QUOTA" and legacy pool "cts" has been renamed to
string dut_pool = 5;
// The build target, a.k.a board name, e.g. "hatch", "octopus".
string build_target = 6;
// CrOS build version, e.g. "R84/13091.0.0".
string chromeos_build = 7;
Status status = 8;
// Event timestamp of test plan run, e.g. start time, end time.
Timeline timeline = 9;
// TestRun contains Skylab task level information.
message TestRun {
// Test runner build ID.
int64 build_id = 1;
// The name of the Skylab task corresponding to the test run, e.g.
// "tast.critical-chrome".
// For tasks containing a single test case, will generally be the same as the
// name of that test case, e.g. "provision_AutoUpdate.double".
// Required field.
string display_name = 2;
// Human friendly url to access this run.
string execution_url = 3;
// The TestPlanRun.uid of the parent test plan run.
string parent_uid = 4;
// Model name, e.g. "helios", "mimrock".
// Note that a single TestPlanRun may be spread across multiple models, if
// the test plan request did not specify a model to run.
string model = 5;
// Event timestamp of test run, e.g. start time, end time.
Timeline timeline = 6;
Status status = 7;
Verdict verdict = 8;
// The URL for the entire logs of this run.
string full_log_url = 9;
message Prejob {
Verdict verdict = 1;
Prejob prejob = 10;
// TestCaseResult describes the result of an individual test case.
message TestCaseResult {
// A unique name for this test case run,
// format "testCaseResults/TEST_RUNNER_BUILD_ID/TEST_CASE_NAME", e.g.
// "testCaseResults/8879199769272202448/provision_AutoUpdate.double".
// Required field.
string uid = 1;
// Test case name as it appears in status.log,
// e.g. "provision_AutoUpdate.double".
string display_name = 2;
// The TestRun.build_id of the parent test run.
int64 parent_build_id = 3;
Verdict verdict = 4;
// A one line human readable description of what happened during test
// case execution (e.g. error/warning message). Not intended to be machine
// parseable. There's no guarantee that a given root cause will always
// resolve to the same summary.
string human_readable_summary = 5;
// The timeline of a task.
message Timeline {
// Time the task was requested.
google.protobuf.Timestamp create_time = 1;
// Time the task began to execute in a bot.
google.protobuf.Timestamp start_time = 2;
// Time the task completed, unset if the task was
// stopped unexpectedly before its completion.
google.protobuf.Timestamp end_time = 3;
// Time the task was stopped unexpectedly, unset if
// task has run to its end.
google.protobuf.Timestamp abandon_time = 4;
// The latest known status of a task, may change as the run progresses.
message Status {
// All the currently possible values (corresponding to
// testplatform.Taskstate.LifeCycle enum values):
// PENDING: task is pending somewhere and does not run.
// RUNNING: task is running.
// COMPLETED: ran to completion without being cancelled externally,
// regardless of whether it succeeded or failed. A task is completed
// only if all its sub-tasks have reached the end, either with a normal
// or abnormal status.
// CANCELLED: never got a chance to run, cancelled externally.
// REJECTED: never got a chance to run, rejected due to unsatisfiable
// depenedencies.
// ABORTED: started running but was cancelled externally while running.
string value = 1;
// The known tokens describe whether a task passed, failed, or had some other
// indefinite verdict.
message Verdict {
// All the currently possible values (corresponding to
// testplatform.Taskstate.Verdict enum values):
// UNSPECIFIED(default): the task produced no usable verdict (possibly
// because it never ran, or never finished, or the results were
// unparseable).
// Under most circumstances, this should be treated as a failure or
// an infrastructure failure.
// PASSED: test run definitively passed.
// FAILED: test run definitively failed.
// NO_VERDICT: the task definitively produced no verdict(for instance,
// the test is irrelevant in the given environment).
// Under most circumstances, this should be treated as a passing
// (but uninteresting).
// PASSED_ON_RETRY: the task failed, but passed after one or more retries.
string value = 1;